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Personal Info

Female Female


7-8 years old



Current Status


  • Parents (Deceased)
  • Bokuden (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Unnamed Paternal Grandmother (Deceased)

East Blue (Warship Island)

Professional Status
Base of Operations

Warship Island

Devil Fruit Statistics
Devil Fruit

Hiso Hiso no Mi





Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Masami Suzuki

English Voice Actor(s)

One Piece Episode #54

Apis (アピス, Apisu) is a little girl who lives on Warship Island. Her grandfather is Bokuden.


Apis wears a long mustard yellow dress. The sleeves and the bottom of the dress are maroon with mustard colored circles. She has a dark maroon sash, and has the same colored undershirt. She has brown eyes, and blonder hair tied back in a braid with fair skin. She also has a pointy hat, white in color, and wears red shoes.


Apis Believe
A close up of Apis' face.
Apis Without Her Hat
Apis' appearance without her hat on.


She is a brave child who tries her hardest to protect her friend, Ryu. She is very kind and caring. Because of this she tends to get more emotional about things than other people would. A running gag is that Apis is terrible at cooking, and Luffy is the only one who likes her food.

Abilities and Powers

Devil Fruit

Further information: Hiso Hiso no Mi

Apis ate the Hiso Hiso no Mi. A Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that gives her the ability to telepathically communicate with or allowing her to understand the heart of animals.


Warship Island Arc

at some point, the Apis parents died, and she was left to live with his grandfather. She tried to guard the Thousand Year Dragon Ryu from the Marines on her own, but she was captured by Commodore Nelson.

The Straw Hat Pirates helped her out when she ran away from the marines, taking care of her and aiding her during her journey. After many struggles, she managed to find the Lost Island and was able to fulfill her duty of taking Ryuji back to the island.

When offered to join the crew she declines and says that she wants to stay and protect the island. Her last appearance was of her running away in terror when her grandfather was about to begin explaining to her the history of her ancestors due to her grandfather's way of telling stories (long and boring).


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