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Attack! Fury of the Rasengan!
Attack! Fury of the Rasengan!



Kurae! Ikari no Rasengan

Episode Chronology
Adopted From

Naruto Chapter #165
Naruto Chapter #166
Naruto Chapter #167




Search for Tsunade Arc

Air Date

August 4, 2004


July 7, 2007

Theme Music
Opening Song


Ending Song


Episode Guide
Breakdown! The Deal is Off!
The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line!

Attack! Fury of the Rasengan! (くらえ!怒りの螺旋丸, Kurae! Ikari no Rasengan) is episode 94 of the original Naruto anime.


Uninterested in their assistance, Tsunade tries to resume her battle with Kabuto, though he slits his wrist, paralysing her due to her fear of blood. As she is taken aside to recover, Jiraiya battles Orochimaru while Naruto and Shizune battle Kabuto. Due to the drug Tsunade gave him, Jiraiya is unable to properly control his chakra and his jutsu are underpowered. With Orochimaru unable to use his arms, however, his abilities are limited as well. Kabuto, on the other hand, is more than capable of dealing with Naruto and Shizune, and after making quick work of them returns his attention to Tsunade. Before he can harm her, Naruto appears and blocks his attack, determined to protect Tsunade. Using a shadow clone for assistance, Naruto grabs hold of Kabuto and delivers a perfect Rasengan to his stomach.

Character First Debuts

Jutsu used

Tools used

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