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Cain Nao

Nao Kein

Personal Info

Male Male



Current Status


Professional Status

Bount Remnants


Gō Koga

Base of Operations

Human World

Doll Name


Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Takayuki Fujimoto

English Voice Actor(s)

Peter Doyle


Bleach Episode #83

Cain Nao (奈央 ケイン, Nao Kein) is a young male Bount whom Jin Kariya had left in Gō Koga's care many years ago.


Cain's face bore a striking resemblance to Ichigo Kurosaki. He had icy blue eyes and short light brown hair. Living in the 1800s, his style of dress is different than the Bounts of the current time line. He wears a white button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, blue trousers with suspenders, and a paperboy cap covering his cropped light brown hair.


Similar to Ichigo Kurosaki, Cain is rather shy, but at the same time hot-headed. He didn't like to run from a fight, as seen when the villagers attacked him. He briefly mentions that his past is so horrible he didn't even want to think about it.



Cain under Koga's tutelage.

One day, Jin Kariya visited Koga at his farm. Traveling behind him was this man. While Cain played in the dirt, Jin gave Koga a book for doll summoning. Cain tried to leave just after that, but was forced to fight Koga instead. He lost, and then began to help Koga with the menial farm chores. Cain was delighted when Koga bought him his own coat without asking, but some rude villagers tried to take it from him. [1]

Cain before dying

Cain pleads with his master to save him, shortly before dying.

They attacked Koga with no success, and retreated. A mob charged Koga's home soon after that and he released his doll Dalk to fight them. Cain was impressed with Dalk and wanted a doll of his own. Koga gave him the book for summoning one, but told him not to try on his own. Cain disobeyed his instructions and before Koga could save him, his doll turned on him. Before turning to dust, Cain reached out to his master and told him he didn't want to die.[1]

Powers & Abilities

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Due to his determination and having been trained for a period by Koga, Cain had respectable skill in fighting.

Enhanced Strength: Cain was strong enough (after training with Koga) to punch through a wooden training dummy.


Small Waineton

Waineton when first summoned


Waineton transformed

Waineton (ワイネトン, Waineton) is Cain's doll. At first it appears as a small creature in the shape of a bean, but transforms itself to look like a praying mantis-like creature. When Cain first summoned it, he asked that it perform something amazing like Dalk, but Waineton tells him that he is still tired. When Cain asks him once more, Waineton tells him that he will show his power only after Cain shows him his own by means of a test. Cain is killed by Waineton shortly after. In the English version, Waineton is referred to as a female.


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