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Personal Info

Male Male



Current Status

Alive (Active)


East Blue

Professional Status


Base of Operations


Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Shinobu Satouchi

English Voice Actor(s)

One Piece Chapter #45


One Piece Episode #21

Carne (カルネ, Karune) is one of the main cooks on the floating restaurant ship, Baratie.


Carne is about average-sized, has an unshaven face, and brown hair. He is a chef who wears the usual clothes for his job along with dark sunglasses and a chef's hat.

After two years, he has grown out his hair and has grown a goatee. He also wears a larger chef's hat. He wears the same chef's uniform, and has knives on his right side. He also has a striped ascot, instead of a solid colored one, along with a new apron.


He is very proud of the Baratie. He also acts rude to Sanji, but in reality cares for him a lot.


Baratie Arc

He and Patty became very essential in defending the Baratie when Don Krieg attempted to take over the restaurant, but they were defeated by Pearl. They then witnessed the defeat of Don Krieg at the hands of Luffy.

Further Appearances

Post-Enies Lobby Arc

After the Enies Lobby Incident, he was seen laughing at Sanji's poorly drawn wanted poster.[1]

Two Years Later

Carne is seen again two years later, presenting a new ship connected to the Baratie: "Nasugasira".

Abilities and Powers

Like most of the Baratie's cooking staff, Carne prides himself on being a fighting chef. When the restaurant comes under attack by the Krieg Pirates, he and the other chefs take up arms to defend it. He fights with a large extended knife.

Translation and Dub Issues

  • In the 4Kids dub, Carne is given a very heavy Mexican accent.


  • Carne is the Spanish, Italian, Filipino, Romanian and Portuguese word for meat.[2]


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 45 Chapter 440 (p. 2) and Episode 324, Carne laughs at Sanji's wanted poster.
  2. SBS One Piece Manga - SBS Volume 7, the source of Carne's name.

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