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Caro Ru Lushe
Mgln caro0039



Kyaro Ru Rushie

Other Name(s)

"Lightning 4" (RF6 callsign)

Personal Info

Female Female




Born on: 0065 (Mid-Childan date)

Current Status

Alive (Active)


Fate Testarossa (Guardian)



Professional Status
Previous Affiliation

Riot Force 6 (StrikerS)

  • Mage
  • Wildlife Preservation Official
Previous Occupation

Forward Lightning Full-Back[1] (StrikerS)

  • Private (StrikerS)
  • Private, 1st Class (post-StrikerS)
Previous Team

Forward Lightning (StrikerS)


Erio Mondial

Base of Operations
Magic System

Mid-Childa (Summoner)

Magic Color


Mage Rank

C+; (Ground)

A+; (Synthetic)[2]


Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Mikako Takahashi


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode #2


StrikerS THE COMICS Chapter #6

Sound Stage

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage 01

Caro Ru Lushe (キャロ・ル・ルシエ, Kyaro Ru Rushie) is a character in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Fate T. Harlaown became her guardian after Caro had been banished from her tribe due to possesing too much power. Wherever she goes, Caro is usually accompanied by her pet dragon, Friedrich (or Fried, for short). She is a kind and somewhat timid girl and, just like her partner Erio, has little sense for matters of life that most people would see as ordinary. She is named for either the Mazda Carol or the FSO Caro.

In StrikerS

Native of the TSAB-administrated world No. 6, Alzas, Caro was born within the nomad-like "Minority Tribe" known as Lu-Lushe.[3] Since very little, she was taught the tribe's traditional summoning arts: the "Dragon Summon". Caro exhibited a rare talent to the craft, to the point that she could already summon two powerful dragons by the age of six. This frightened the elders of her tribe however, who believed that her power would attract misfortune, and lead them to banish the girl.[4] Because a summoner is not only required to conjure a dragon but also to control it, and Caro lacked this skill, even she herself was afraid of her own power, fearing that her summons would go on a rampage.[5] According to Fate, it would be years before she was finally able to free herself of this fear.[5]

Sent to stay at a TSAB's HQ-attached special protection facility on Mid-Childa, Caro had a life of many restrictions and few liberties imposed upon her.[4] Although a powerful magic user, no Bureau unit wanted to employ her because she couldn't control her power yet.[5] This would have gone on forever, had she not met with Fate one day by pure chance.[6] After hearing about Caro's past, Fate decided to take her in and become the girl's guardian. In the beginning, circumstances prevented Fate and Caro from living together. Instead, the girl started to live and work at a wildlife preservation area in the TSAB-administrated world No. 61, Supools, where she discovered that her talent as a summoner also helped her to deal with all sorts of animals. Caro remained there until she was invited to be part of the Riot Force 6.

Although talented, Caro still has much to mature as a mage. At the beginning of StrikerS, she is a C+ ranked, ground-based summoner that had little to no control over the dragons that she invoked. Caro eventually overcame this flaw after her ingression in the RF6 and much training, becoming a part of the Lightning Squad under the sign-name of "Lightning 4" and a reliable member of the Forward Team. It is slightly implied that she harbors romantic feelings towards Erio.

At the end of the series, Caro goes back to TSAB-administrated world No. 61 and continue to work at a wildlife preservation along with Erio.

In ViVid

Unlike Erio, Caro has hardly grown a 1.5 cm in the time of ViVid, much to her frustration and to Lutecia's chagrin, who jokingly refers to her as "midget". Caro also appears to have a slight complex about her height, since her partner, Erio, and Lutecia, are significantly taller than her. Like Erio, she now sports a long ponytail. The two of them still work together on Supools but take a few days off when Fate informs them that she plans to go on trip with Vivio Takamachi. They are next seen on Carnaaji, where they meet up with the rest of the group, delighting Fate.

In chapter 10, she, Erio, Fate, Nanoha, Subaru, and Teana participate in a spectacular mock battle.

In the team battle on the second training day, Caro takes the Full Back position of the Red Team, opposing Lutecia. Caro summons Einhart back when she is injured while fighting Nanoha, and soon gets attacked by Lutecia and Lio. Caro uses her Alchemic Chains ability to distract Lio and Lutecia long enough for Corona's golem to launch its fist at them, defeating them. Immediately afterward, Nanoha takes her by surprise and defeats her. After the other two matches of the day, Caro spends some family time with Erio and Fate.

In Force

Erio and Caro (Force)

Erio and Caro in Force

Caro first appears in chapter 5 of Force, when she and Erio are assigned back under Hayate's command in the Special Duty Section 6, created specifically to deal with the current Eclipse crisis.


Although she is a user of the Mid-Childan magic system, Caro's main talent is her ability to use her summoning magic. Specifically, she is skillful at summoning and controlling dragons (hence the name Dragon Summon). Furthermore, she is quite proficient at Increase-type Support spells. Combining this ability with her blatant handicap for direct combat (she is highly dependent of her summoned dragons in order to attack proficiently, even after receiving Nanoha's training) into consideration, Caro was assigned as the Fullback of the Forward Team. Like most users of Summoning Magic seen so far, Caro possess a Boost Device, which is named Kerykeion. Caro is also capable of telepathy.

Barrier Jacket

Caro StrikerS (Barrier Jacket)

Caro's Barrier Jacket in StrikerS

Caro's Barrier Jacket possesses a white cape that is very similar to Fate's and she wears a white hat. Like Erio, Caro's Jacket has an alternative mode called Lightning Style, based on Fate's Impulse Mode and offering higher mobility and lower mana consumption at the cost of defense.


Spell System Category Type Rank
Blast Flare Mid-Childa Attack Bombardment
Boost Up Mid-Childa Support Increase
Boosted Healing Mid-Childa Support Increase
Boosted Illusion Mid-Childa Illusion
Dragon Mount Summon Mid-Childa Summoning
Dragon Soul Summon Mid-Childa Summoning
Enchant Mid-Childa Support Increase
Geo Erga Mid-Childa Attack Bombardment
Physical Heal Mid-Childa Support Increase
Plasma Discharger Special (EC)
Special (AEC)
Attack Bombardment
Protection Mid-Childa
Modern Belka
Defense Barrier E
Sealing Mid-Childa Support
Sealing Shoot Mid-Childa Support
Shooting Ray Mid-Childa Attack Shooting
Transport Summoning Modern Belka
Wheel Protection Mid-Childa Defense Barrier
Wing Shooter Mid-Childa Attack Shooting
Wrought Iron Summon Mid-Childa Summoning


Caro Ru Lushe Poster
Caro Ru Lushe (After Transformation)
Chara 07 Caro Ru Lushe
Caro's design in StrikerS.
Caro Ru Lushe StrikerS Info
Caro Ru Lushe TSAB Member Card
Caro's TSAB member card.
Erio Mondial and Caro Ru Lushe Appearance
Caro Ru Lushe StrikerS Design (1)
Caro Ru Lushe StrikerS Design (2)



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