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Carol Masterson
Carol Masterson Anime Infobox



Kyaroru Masutāson

Personal Info

Female Female


around 11-12 years old



Current Status



East Blue

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Konami Yoshida

English Voice Actor(s)

Cherami Leigh (Funimation)


One Piece Episode #50[1]

Carol Masterson (キャロル・マスターソン, Kyaroru Masutāson) is Daddy Masterson's daughter, whom Usopp meets at a goggle shop in Loguetown. She only appeared in the anime and in the Loguetown novel.[1]


Carol is a little girl with long curly blond hair, and blue eyes, wearing a green ribbon, and a dress with long sleeves blue and green.


Carol and a little girl spoiled and conceited, which behaves politely only in his father's presence.


Loguetown Arc

Usopp was in a shop where he wanted to buy a better pair of goggles for his adventures at sea, and, while he was trying to find his money, Carol came in and bought the goggles for her father. Then Usopp told her that he was a fearsome pirate with many followers. Carol found her father, Daddy Masterson who is a bounty hunter and told him about Usopp. After Daddy challenged Usopp to hit a weathervane with his slingshot to prove that he is Yasopp's son, he succeeded and Carol reluctantly gave the goggles to him.[1]

Early One Piece

Daddy and Carol Masterson Loguetown Arc (novel)

Daddy and Carol in the One Piece Novel.

Carol, along with her father, are absent from the One Piece manga storyline. However, they were part of the Loguetown Arc, but were dropped so Oda could start off the adventure in Chapter 100. However, they are both featured in the Loguetown filler episodes and the Loguetown Novel. There are differences between these two versions and both Daddy and Carol have varied appearances.


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