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For the pirate and former Marine, see X Drake.
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Personal Info

Male Male



Current Status

Alive (Active)

Professional Status



Marine Officer


Lieutenant Commander

Base of Operations

G-8 Marine Base

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Eiji Takemoto

English Voice Actor(s)

Bryan Massey (Funimation)


One Piece Episode #196


One Piece Movie 4


Lieutenant Commander Drake is a Marine officer stationed in G-8 Marine Base. He is often seen chasing after the Straw Hat Pirates during filler episodes and even movies.


He has brown hair with muttonchop sideburns. He wears a marine cap with an overcoat draped over his shoulders, over a blue suit.


He is very persistent, as he is always seen chasing the Straw Hat Pirates. He easily gets irritated whenever he fails.



Drake was first seen chasing the Straw Hats in the fourth One Piece movie.[1] He and his men were initially chasing their ship, the Going Merry, until a storm suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

As he was pursuing them, Drake received a call from headquarters. He was told that a number of pirates were gathering around his current location in order to hold the Dead End Race. He was then ordered to continue scouting out the area for pirates. He was also told to be on lookout especially for Gasparde who was reported to be in the vicinity. He appears at the end of the movie having expected the Straw Hats to come to Partia. Giving chase to them once more

He's also seen at the beginning of Movie 5, still continuing his chase.

G-8 Arc

Drake's Den Den Mushi

Drake answers Jonathan's call.

Upon seeing the Going Merry, Drake comments that he saw it twice before.[2] During the G-8 filler arc, Vice Admiral Jonathan uses him to set up ambushes for the Straw Hats. He was also ordered to examine Zoro[3] who had just been captured by the Vice Admiral.

When he learnt that an unknown Doctor was operating the injured Marines who had been caught up in a storm, he thought that it may be one of the Straw Hats Pirates and went to the surgery room to question Dr. Kobato[4] but he was not able to ask any questions since the Doctor was treating Marines.

When he heard that an unknown new recruit was wandering around, he went to the harbor and questioned Usopp about his unit. He managed to trick him with his questions and thus deduced that he was one of the Straw Hat Pirates[5]. He captured him and sent him to the command center where Jonathan interrogated him since Usopp claim he was a Marine and not a pirate. For a moment, Usopp was thought to be the special inspector from Marine Headquarters and Drake was threatened by Usopp for his behavior towards him. He set a trap with Chief Petty Officer to capture Sanji and Monkey D. Luffy but they failed and let them free Zoro and Usopp.

Whitebeard War

Jonathan and Drake Arriving at Marineford

Jonathan and Drake arriving at Marineford.

In the anime he was shown in Marineford when Ace's execution was announced. He arrived with Vice Admiral Jonathan.


  • He shares his name, side-burns, and even his Seiyu with another character. However, this character is a former Marine of different rank that now is a pirate and Supernova.
  • He is the only character to be first introduced in a movie before making an appearance in the anime.


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