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Genshō Ryūdōin
Genshō Ryūdoin

Ryūdōin Genshō

Personal Info

Male Male



Current Status


Professional Status

Three Ryūdōin Brothers


Intersection Method
Wooden Men Possession Turnover Manipulation Technique
Wooden Puppet Manipulation Technique

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Masatoyo Tetsuno

English Voice Actor(s)

Michael Greco


Naruto Episode #195


Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2

Genshō Ryūdōin (龍堂院幻将, Ryūdōin Genshō) is a taijutsu master, seeking revenge on Might Guy for their father's humiliation and death. He and his brothers, Rokkaku and Jakō, were introduced in the anime.


Genshō wears black pants, a black shirt under a dark grey jacket, all covered by an opened purple mantle where the edges are black. He also wears protection on his hands and a necklace with three large teeth. He has long white hair and his eyes have an unusual colouring with dark sclera and blue irides. Another particular feature is his black water drop tattoo and his claw-like nail in the index of his left hand.

Part I

Third Great Beast Arc


They sought revenge on Might Guy for their father's humiliation and death. He apparently has the ability to manipulate wood puppets. He captured Might Guy in a house made from the wooden pieces the puppets consist of, and tired him out there. After Naruto and Team Guy showed up, he, along with his brothers, added more puppet parts to the house, so that it became like a traditional Japanese castle. Despite knowing it was a trap, Lee rushed in, taking the chance. In order to get his revenge, Genshō used Wooden Men Possession Turnover Manipulation Technique to force Guy to fight to the death with Rock Lee. Guy realised he was fighting Lee, and Genshō's plan failed. He was then taken to the medical corps.

Appearances in Other Media

Video Games

Genshō also made an appearance in Naruto: Path of the Ninja 2. In the game he was trying to conquer the world using the Spirit Beast. With the Spirit Beast's evil spirits, he would force friends to fight against friends. In the end, Rokkaku was killed, Genshō killed Jakō by using Explosion: Disappearance Killing Technique, and Naruto defeated Genshō after he combined with the newly resurrected Spirit Beast. He was able to create purple rays of infinite pain, draining all power from enemies. This Genshō was radically different from his anime counterpart.


Genshō is primarily a taijutsu master. Both Guy and Lee mentioned him as a genius of this discipline, learning each techniques that Guy showed him like sand absorbs water. He uses kenpō, a Japanese martial art using principally fists and pressure points. Genshō is shown to be very fast, enough to completely prevent Lee to attack him, and very strong in his hits, as mentioned by Lee during their fight. As a taijutsu genius, he is capable of analysing new taijutsu techniques in an instant and find an appropriate counter attack in the next second, as he "broke" Rock Lee's Leaf Whirlwind by raising his knee and driving the elbow downwards at the same time without knowing Lee's technique before. However, he was impressed by the speed and power deployed by Guy and Lee when they use four of the Eight Gates.

Apart from his taijutsu ability, he is also able to manipulate wooden puppets with the Wooden Puppet Manipulation Technique by using charms placed on the back of their heads. If a target comes too close to them, the dummies will begin to attack by using taijutsu attacks. However, the wooden puppets aren't able to respond to their opponent's counterattack and are essentially use to overcome them by their large numbers. If the charm is removed, the puppet is disabled. Genshō is also able to controls one of his puppet like his own body, therefore allowing to better attack, defend and respond against his opponents.

They also have the ability to break themselves down into their base parts and then combine them into long rows. These rows will stack and combine into a small house up to a huge castle (to the desire of the user) for surrounding and isolate the targets. The wooden parts will be imbued with Genshō's chakra and be greatly strengthened, where even Guy was unable to break the walls. If enough power is placed against the structure however, it can come crashing apart.