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Hō and Ban
Ho & Ban
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Karakura Town
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Guhl and Günther

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Daisuke Sakaguchi

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Roger Craig Smith (Hō)
Brian Beacock (Ban)


Bleach Episode #71

(鵬) and Ban (磐) are twin Bounts who participated in the Bount Invasion.


Hō and Ban appear as young boys who dress identically. Both wear an orange undershirt beneath a light brown sweatshirt, as well as dark gray shorts, with the pant legs rolled up. The only exception in their appearances are their hairstyles and hats. Hō has short hair with a red baseball cap over it and Ban with a white beanie over chin-length hair, parted down the middle.


Hō and Ban are incredibly wise despite their youthful appearances. Before fighting, they analyze the enemy's power and adapt their strategy so that they have a better chance of winning. Being that their dolls are sentient, both usually stand behind the battlefield, revealing only their lower face. In order to control their dolls, they telepathically link, so they often finish each other sentences.


Bount arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.


Hō and Ban order their Dolls to envelop Uryū.

While Ishida was recuperating in hospital, the room began to act quite strange. The shower wouldn't stop running, neither would the faucet. When Renji Abarai was trying to stop the faucet from overflowing, the water began to move by itself. The water dolls, Guhl and Günther are summoned before Renji, surprising him. One of the water dolls head over to Ishida, trying to drown him. Yasutora Sado tries to grab Uryu from the water doll, but the water would just regenerate. Ichigo Kurosaki then got his Shinigami Badge, and went into his Shinigami form. He grabbed Zangetsu, and headed for Ishida. [1]

Ho and Ban observe their opponents' moves

The twin Bounts eagerly observe their opponents' moves.

He swung his sword at the water, freeing Ishida, splashing the water everywhere on the ground. Apparently, he almost cut Ishida's face, as a piece of his eyebrow hair fell. The water doll headed for Ichigo, but before it got to him, he cut the water around it in half. The water doll on the floor headed toward Rukia. Rukia then tells everyone to get out of the room. Once they are out, they shut the door, but the water dolls slid through the door opening. They grab a towel, and attempt to dry the water up. The twins then talk about how they were surprised by their doll. Ichigo and the others then run away from the room.[1]

As they ran across the corridor, they come across a water fountain, from which doll manifests itself. It attempts to attack Chad and Ishida, but its attacks were subsequently destroyed by Renji and Ichigo. They then continue to run. The dolls get re-summoned from a sink. Both dolls make an appearance together. One heads for Chad and Uryu, and temporarily drowns them. After many attempts to free them, Rukia uses Hadō #31. Shakkahō, and turns the water to steam, thus freeing the two. The steam also sets off the alarm, as all of the patients evacuate the hospital. Hō and Ban continue to talk and analyze them, noticing how it's taking longer than expected to capture the Quincy.[1]

Ho and Ban appear

Hō and Ban appear before Ichigo and his friends, blocking the exit.

Ichigo and the others hit a dead end. They continue to run the other way, as Hō and Ban continue to gather up water for their dolls. Ichigo and the others continue to run. They run into a dark hall, and find the two twin bounts standing in front of them. The twin Bounts greet them, and summon their dolls. Rukia asks Ichigo what they should do, and he tells her that they're escaping. Ichigo and the others continue to run away. Ichigo and the others reach the elevator. Once Ichigo pressed the down button, water began to overflow out of the elevator because Hō and Ban had broken a large water tank on the hospital roof. Rukia and Renji use Hadō #31. Shakkahō, trying to turn the water into vapor. Their plan fails, and a bigger water doll appears before them. It was then, when Ichigo decided to get a lighter and a fire extinguisher. His plan blows out all the windows on their floor, nearly killing the others and himself, but dispersing the water. The twins gather up more water from many hospital rooms, and begin fighting Ichigo and Renji, while Rukia Kuchiki took the others downstairs.[1]

Ho and ban

The twin Bounts manifest their dolls outside the hospital, effectively cordoning them off.

Once Rukia and the others got downstairs, Renji and Ichigo, having broken the elevator, jump from the eighth floor all the way to first floor. Ichigo and Renji finally catch up to Rukia and the others, only to find out that it is raining outside.[1] The two dolls then get summoned, and the water they are using is the rain. The two dolls then merge together. Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji begin fighting them while Chad and Orihime Inoue take Ishida and run away. The dolls then capture Ichigo, Rukia, and Renji. Ichigo swims up the doll, and tells Chad and Orihime to keep running away. While they run, Hō and Ban chase them, along with their dolls. They catch up, and begin fighting Chad and Orihime. Chad then activates his Armour, and manages to separate the twins, making them lose control of the dolls. Chad then grabs Ishida, and begins running away with Orihime.[2]


Hō and Ban activate their special ability, controlling the water inside their bodies.

The twins catch up, and finally capture Ishida. Chad activates his Armour, and attempts to attack the twins, but the twins then threaten to injure the Quincy if he attacks them. As an example, the doll begins to crush Ishida. Ichigo, Renji, and Rukia then catch up to where they are. This is when the twins use their special ability, and form bubbles of water around everyone's faces, forcing the water into their bodies. Ichigo and the others start glowing and experiencing pain, while the twins gloat that they can control anything made of water, and the Human body is 70% water. The twins then order their dolls to tear them apart from the inside out.[2]

Ho Ban Defeated

Hō and Ban turn to dust after their Dolls are destroyed by Ganju's fireworks.

Ichigo's body starts to vibrate and he falls to the ground. Noba then teleports Ban and Ho away from each other, breaking their mental contact, he continues to teleport them away from each other, finally sending Ban over the edge of a steep fall. Ban falls into some metal cans head first, knocking him out. The two Bount's separation causes them to lose complete control of their dolls, thus stopping them from killing Ichigo and the others. Hō then decides to fight Ichigo and the others himself. Suddenly, Ganju Shiba and 7th Seat Hanatarō Yamada break in through the wall. Ganju then uses one of his fireworks to destroy the water around the doll. The doll becomes unresponsive. The fireworks destroy the water, and burn the doll. Once the doll is destroyed, the twins turn to dust.[2]

Powers & Abilities


Guhl and Gunter

The Doll's true form

Guhl (グール, Gūru) and Günther (ギュンター, Gyuntā) are Hō and Ban's twin dolls, respectively. Both dolls take the form of bottle caps, which the twins keep on their water bottles when not in use. When released, the dolls can control water, making destroying them quite difficult since the bottle caps are small targets within the large eyestalk-like shape they take.[3]

Mental Control: Each control one doll, but both of them can apparently control either if need be, as Hō demonstrates. They are able to control their dolls with more killing power if they combine them into one large body of water. But the downside is, Hō and Ban need to be side-by-side with each other in order to coordinate the dolls' attacks properly. If they are more than a few feet away, or if one of them is knocked unconscious, the dolls will disperse, as their control lies within their telepathic synchronization.[3]


Guhl and Günther

  • Water Manipulation: In order to kill opponents, Guhl and Günther form a large stalk around their enemies and restrain them, forcibly drowning them. They also have the ability to force themselves into the Human body (as 70% of the Human body is water) and tear the enemy apart from the inside out. They are stronger when more water surrounds them, such as when its raining.[3]


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