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Bleach Episode #316

Haru is an elderly woman who can see spirits.


Haru is an old woman with short brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a violet jacket, under it is a yellow sweater and long pink skirt.[1]


Haru is generally a soft-spoken and caring woman.[1]


In the past, when Tōshirō Hitsugaya was assigned to the Human World to dispatch Hollows and to gain experience, she met him and started to look after him.[1]


While Tōshirō is with Karin after their soccer game, Haru approached them and brings them to her residence.[1]

E316 Haru introduces Yosuke to Karin Hitsugaya

Haru introduces Yosuke.

At her residence, as Karin and Hitsugaya are talking, Yosuke, a Plus, appears in her garden. Haru notes that he has been staying there for a while and asks him to say hello to their visitors. She also notes that he is the most visible spirit she has seen since Tōshirō and says that she is enjoying her life now that she has Yosuke. Karin asks if she has a family. Haru replies that she has lived alone for many years and has Yosuke and many other spirits to keep her company. When Karin asks what is keeping Yosuke from resting in peace, she tells her that he wants to see snow and reveals that he died with his family while on his way to go skiing.[1]

The next day, Tōshirō and Karin visit Haru again. Haru comments that Hitsugaya has come back with his girlfriend. While Haru is watering plants, Tōshirō talks to her about what will happen when it does snow. After some time, Karin finds Haru collapsed on the floor when she checked her out because she's late. Tōshirō notes that her reiatsu is weakening and realizes that she has been using her power to prevent Yosuke from becoming a Hollow. When Yosuke finally transforms into a Hollow, Tōshirō tells Karin to look after Haru while he goes to find Yosuke.[1]

When Haru awakens in Yosuke's hand, she manages to suppress him and apologizes to him as Hitsugaya purifies him. Later, Yosuke returns to his Plus form long enough to see it begin to snow. Now that he has seen snow, he is able to depart to Soul Society peacefully. After he departs, Haru apologizes to Tōshirō and Karin and they say their good-byes.[1]


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