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Midori Tōno

Tōno Midori

Personal Info

Female Female


9-10 years old



Current Status

Alive (Active)

  • Mr. Tōno (Father)
  • Mrs. Tōno (Mother)

Karakura South Elementary School[1]

Professional Status

Elementary School Student

Base of Operations

Karakura Town
Human World


Bleach Chapter #8

Midori Tōno (遠野翠子, Tōno Midori) is a female friend of Yuzu Kurosaki and Karin Kurosaki.


She is approximately the same height as Karin and has black hair.


She is shy and somewhat intimidated by Karin, as she constantly does what Karin tells her to do.


Agent of the Shinigami arc

During school, Midori goes to the bathroom and hears Karin Kurosaki yelling at Yuzu Kurosaki. She goes up to Yuzu and asks her how Karin's doing, but then retracts her statement claiming that she already knows the answer. They then notice that Karin has stopped yelling and Karin leaves the bathroom stall she was hiding in. She yells at Yuzu to get her stuff from the classroom as she wants to leave early today. Karin then asks Midori what she's doing here and then tells her to go as well. As Midori leaves, she wonders why Karin is in such a bad mood.[2]

Later, Midori spots Kon (in Ichigo Kurosaki's body), jumping on top of the school walls. She is shocked by this, and Karin immediately begins threatening her, convincing her that she didn't see anything.[3]


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