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Female Female



Current Status



Hotarubi (husband; deceased)
Sumaru (son)

Professional Status

Hoshigakure Symbol Hoshigakure



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Chakra Rope
Mysterious Peacock Method
Mysterious Peacock Method: Apparition
Mysterious Peacock Method: Beast
Mysterious Peacock Method: Destroy
Mysterious Peacock Method: Join
Mysterious Peacock Method: Wings

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Rica Fukami

English Voice Actor(s)

Kirsten Potter


Naruto Episode #178

Hoshigakure Symbol

Natsuhi (ナツヒ, Natsuhi) was a kunoichi of Hoshigakure, she was also the wife of Hotarubi, and the mother of Sumaru.


She had jade-green-coloured eyes and long violet (originally brown) hair. She wore the Hoshigakure jōnin flak jacket and shorts.


At some point, Natsuhi married Hotarubi, and nine month later, she gave birth their first and only son, Sumaru.

Years ago, both Hotarubi and Natsuhi completed the star training of their village. After seeing the side effects of the training they stole the star to prevent further damage. However, they were caught by the Third Hoshikage who "bannished" them to keep an eye on the village after promising to stop the star training. Natsuhi and Hotarubi begged the Third Hoshikage to tell their son Sumaru that they died long ago and gave him Hotarubi's necklace as a gift for him.

Part I

Hoshigakure Arc

By the time Naruto Uzumaki, Tenten, Rock Lee and Neji Hyūga visited Hoshigakure for a mission, Natsuhi stole the star again which forced Akahoshi took her son as bait. She returned the star, then tried to steal it once again later after Akahoshi forced her to give up the star. She fell for a trap laid by Akahoshi and his henchmen and was killed while trying to ultimately destroy the star using some sort of fūinjutsu. With her final breath, she painted a symbol on the floor with blood that had come out of her mouth. One of Sumaru's tears hit this symbol when he found her, which seemed to made it possible for her to return in a ghost-like form

After destroying the building she and Sumaru supposedly died in, Akahoshi implanted the star in his chest, greatly amplifying his chakra. Naruto fought Akahoshi, but was unable to harm him due to his newfound power. However, with her ghost-like form, Natsuhi was able to help Naruto singing the song that she and Sumaru had been singing throughout the arc. The chakra supported Naruto, allowing him to briefly fly during the battle and to ultimately defeat Akahoshi.


Natsuhi was a highly skilled and capable kunoichi, often praised by Akahoshi and the Third Hoshikage. Natsuhi was also one of the few shinobi who was able to complete the highly dangerous star training. She had great skill in the usage of the Mysterious Peacock Method, able to create a rope made out of chakra and also wings to fly. She could use the feathers of her wings for an offensive attack and let her chakra take the form of an animal. Furthermore, she could fuse two attacks of the same kind to greatly improve the power of her own attack. She was able to overpower Akahoshi, the current Hoshikage, which further implies her power and mastery over the village's unique techniques. With her last breath, she used a Reincarnation Ninjutsu, which allowed her to shortly return as a ghost-like apparition to support her allies with chakra enhancements.

She was also at least knowledgeable in fūinjutsu, as she tried to seal the star to prevent further misusage.


  • Natsuhi means 'summer fire' (夏火).
  • Natsuhi can also be translated as 'summer day' (夏日). As it is in the lullaby, 'Natsuhiboshi' 'summer day star' (夏日星, なつひぼし), which she sings to her son Sumaru.


  • (To her husband) "Hotarubi. Please protect Sumaru."
  • (Last word) "…Sumaru…"