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Orihime Inoue
Pre Timeskip | Post Timeskip

Episode 347 Orihime


井上 織姫


Inoue Orihime

Personal Info

Female Female


15-17 years old[1]


157 cm (5'2")[2]


45 kg (99 lbs)[2] (formerly)
49 kg (108 lbs)[3]

Blood Type





September 3 (Virgo)[2]


Virgo ♍️

Unique Trait

Her hairpins

Current Status



Karakura High School

Professional Status

High School Student


Ichigo's Group

Base of Operations

Inoue House
Karakura Town
Human World

Primary Skill
Signature Skill

Shun Shun Rikka

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Yuki Matsuoka

English Voice Actor(s)

Stephanie Sheh


Bleach Chapter #2


Bleach Episode #2


Bleach: Memories of Nobody


Bleach: Heat the Soul


Memories in the Rain

Orihime Inoue (井上 織姫, Inoue Orihime) is a Human living in Karakura Town. She is a student at the Karakura High School, where she is in the same class as Ichigo Kurosaki and her best friend, Tatsuki Arisawa.


Orihime's Fringe

Orihime's initial hairstyle.

Orihime is a teenager of average height. She has brown eyes[4] and long, waist-length burnt orange hair. Her most noticeable physical trait is her slender yet curvaceous figure for a teenager, especially in terms of her large breasts. She wears her hair in bangs tucked behind her ears with hairpins, which she only removes to sleep[5], as they are worn in the memory of her brother.[6] Orihime initially wears her hair with a full but parted fringe before pulling most of her bangs behind her ears as she was ready to leave for Soul Society, a change noted by Tatsuki.[7]

Seventeen months after Aizen's defeat, Orihime's hair becomes fuller and wavier. Her bangs naturally frame her face without her hair clips and also hang over her ears.[8] She stops wearing her hair clips and instead keeps them clipped onto the left collar of her school uniform.[9]



Orihime's depiction of herself in the future.

Orihime is independent, friendly, humorous, sensitive, caring and kind. She comes off as naive and rather clueless, which is at odds with her exceptionally high marks in school.[10] She studies hard because when her grades drop, she receives less financial support from her relatives.[11] She is a member of the Handicrafts Club[12] and likes to invent very ridiculous sports to play with Tatsuki (such as "base-cer," a combination of baseball and soccer).[13] She tends to zone out with her mouth open and loses track of what she was thinking or dreaming about. She has an over-active imagination and gets carried away thinking of implausible scenarios, such as portraying herself as a futuristic and highly destructive robot in an assignment asking a student "How do you see yourself in the future?".[14]

Orihime likes Asian flower print clothing and comedies. While she does eat some normal food, Orihime cooks and eats unusual meals, which other people often find unappetizing. Her favorite food is red bean paste and she likes putting butter on sweet potatoes.[2] She enjoys cheese and butter most of the time.

Orihime has demonstrated that she is perceptive when it comes to people's mental and emotional state, especially in regards to Ichigo, as she is able to tell what kind of driving force is pushing someone. She additionally has a crush on Ichigo and later falls in love with him.[15] She has exhibited traits that appear to have some connection with Ichigo, such as the ability to detect Ichigo by scent, [16] sense his Spiritual Pressure even when masked by the Visored, and an awareness of what mood Ichigo is in, sensing his feelings of anguish, disappointment, or worry, even feeling pain herself when she sees Ichigo getting hurt.[17]


Bleach orihime0017-kid

Orihime as a little girl

Orihime was born from an unnamed couple, she had an older brother named Sora, bigger than of her fifteen years.

Orihime and her brother, Sora, were raised by a drunken father and a prostitute mother, who always argued and beat their children. Fearing that their parents would kill Orihime, in the March that Sora turned eighteen, he ran away with Orihime, who was three years old, and raised her on his own from then on.[18][11][19] For six years, Orihime and Sora lived in harmony despite the fact that Orihime was bullied in school because of her unusual hair color. One day, Sora gave Orihime a pair of hairpins. However, Orihime refused to wear them because she said they were childish. That day, Sora died, and Orihime began wearing the hairpins every day since. After Sora's death, Orihime prayed for him every day. A year after Sora died, Orihime met Tatsuki and befriended her and the amount of days she prayed for him diminished. After entering Karakura High School, she stopped praying for him and instead talked about Ichigo before she left and when she returned from school. She wanted to show Sora that she was happy and that he did not have to worry about her.[20][21]

Since Sora's death, Orihime has lived by herself in Karakura Town, receiving financial support from a distantly related aunt living elsewhere.[2][11]


Agent of the Shinigami arc

Bleach 2pt3

Orihime meets Ichigo and Rukia in street after hurting her leg.

At school, a distracted Ichigo Kurosaki collides with Orihime, knocking her to the ground. After he apologizes, she acts strangely and begins to make excuses while fleeing the scene. The next day Orihime encounters Ichigo and Rukia Kuchiki on the street. She states that she is uncertain of whether or not she was hit by a car and has a bruise on her leg caused by a Hollow. Ichigo offers to walk her home, but she declines.[22] Later, Orihime has Tatsuki over for dinner, revealing more of her crush when she becomes distracted by the thought of Ichigo's offer to walk her home.[23] After dinner, they are attacked by Acidwire, who pulls Orihime's soul from her body, leaving the Chain of Fate unbroken so that she doesn't initially die.[24]

Orihime stops Sora

Orihime saves Ichigo by taking Acidwire's attack.

Horrified, Orihime witnesses the Hollow attack Tatsuki, who is unable to see either of the spirits and becomes scared and confused.[25] Ichigo attacks the Hollow but is flung from the building. Acidwire then reveals to Orihime that he is Sora. Orihime is initially sceptical as she doesn't believe Sora would do such horrible things, but finally believes him when she sees his reaction to her hair-clips.[26] As his fight with Ichigo continues, Orihime places herself between the pair, resulting in Acidwire wounding her. She embraces him[27][26] and apologizes to her brother for causing all this. Sora then purifies himself with Ichigo's Zanpakutō as Orihime bids him farewell.[28]

Orihime & Shun Shun Rikka Meeting

Orihime first meets her powers.

While both Tatsuki and Orihime's memories are modified by Rukia, this event enables them to start developing spiritual awareness. After introducing Ichigo to Uryū Ishida, she once again encounters a Hollow when Uryū lures a massive number to Karakura Town for his challenge to Ichigo. She tries to get her friends away from danger, but the Hollow, Numb Chandelier, uses her ability to make various students attack her. As the students endanger Orihime, Tatsuki arrives to defend her from the onslaught.[29] However, Tatsuki soon falls under Numb Chandelier's control and is forced to turn on Orihime. Seeing Tatsuki in tears brings back old memories of the days when Orihime was bullied for the color of her hair and when Tatsuki saved her, thus Orihime decides it is time for her to protect Tatsuki in return for their friendship. This desire forces her powers to manifest for the first time.[30] Orihime then notices her Shun Shun Rikka flying over her head and with their guidance, she uses them to defeat the Hollow and heal Tatsuki.[31] Afterwards, Kisuke Urahara takes her and Yasutora Sado to his shop, where he explains their powers to them.[32]

As she and Sado watch Ichigo and Uryū fight a Menos Grande, Orihime reveals that she had not forgotten what happened with Acidwire.[33] After Rukia is arrested and taken to Soul Society, Orihime asks Ichigo why nobody seems to remember her. After Ichigo explains the situation to her, she asks him what he is planning to do about it. After he leaves, she swears not to let him get hurt.[34] Along with Sado, she accepts an offer to begin training her abilities under the guidance of Yoruichi the cat.[35] Orihime asks Uryū to train with them but he declines.[36] During their training, she manages to activate her powers after remembering how she felt about protecting Tatsuki.[37] Orihime lies to Tatsuki about where she is going and spends her last day in Karakura Town with her and promises to return.[38]

Soul Society arc

Orihime and Tatsuki

Orihime sits with Tatsuki before going to Soul Society.

Orihime received the same message from Urahara as Ichigo and appeared upset that he thought she had no sense of humor.[39] Orihime is impressed and ecstatic when they enter the underground training facility at Urahara's Shop.[40] Orihime, Chad, Uryū and Ichigo are lead by Yoruichi into the Dangai as they journey to Soul Society.[41] Despite Yoruichi’s warning, Orihime uses her shield against the Dangai cleaner to save her friends and puts herself at risk.[42] She heals Jidanbō Ikkanzaka after Gin Ichimaru prevents them from entering Seireitei.[43]


Orihime shows good control of her Reiatsu.

When they reach the home of Kūkaku Shiba, it is shown that Orihime is able to create the Kidō cannonball fairly rapidly and easily compared to the others.[44] She sacrifices her own food for Ichigo when he experiences problems with the technique.[45] The group uses a single Kido ball to enter the Seireitei but is blown away with Uryū when the ball disintegrates and uses Santen Kesshun to catch them both.[46] She still obtains some injuries from the fall and passes out, injuring Uryū when she wakes from her dream of Ichigo to find he had administered first aid on her shoulder, before realizing he would have had to have administered first aid on her shoulder while she was unconscious.[47]


Orihime is bandaged as she sleeps.

Orihime spends most of the mission in the Seireitei with Uryū, and is noticed early on.[48] Still, their times were mostly uneventful, as they evaded Kenpachi Zaraki, but are confronted by Jirōbō Ikkanzaka of the 7th Division. Orihime is saved from his ambush by Uryū's swift actions.[49] She attempts to kill the much larger Shinigami, but her Koten Zanshun attack fails with Tsubaki even getting injured. Her powers are unique but lack killing intent, hence offensively ineffective against skilled opponents.[50] When defeated, the Shinigami tries to attack her but this results in Uryū saving her and removing the officer’s powers for cowardice.[51] Although happy with her friend’s powers, Orihime laments her own lack of offensive power and growth through training.[52] The pair steal Shinigami uniforms on Orihime’s influence after she defeats weaker members of the Gotei 13. She attracts the attention of Toshimori Umesada of the Ninth Division, resulting in Uryū protecting her from his advances before he is called off. The pair renew their search for Rukia, unaware that they are being stalked by the Captain of the Twelfth Division.[53]


Orihime protects Uryū and Aramaki from Mayuri Kurotsuchi using Santen Kesshun.

Later, Orihime reveals that Tsubaki is still injured and that she is having trouble healing him from their previous confrontation with Jirōbō Ikkanzaka. The pair are then confronted by Makizō Aramaki of the Eleventh Division, who does not believe their story as they are without their Zanpakutōs. They are saved by members of the Twelfth Division, but Uryū gets suspicious and figures out something is wrong, warning Orihime of the danger before the Twelfth Division Shinigami explode.[54] Orihime managed to perform Santen Kesshun just in time to protect herself, Uryū, and Aramaki from these explosions. Aramaki becomes confused as to why Orihime saved him and why she became upset with the loss of those that had pretended to help them earlier, noting that it wasn't out of fear that she cried. She refuses to run away to save herself when Kurotsuchi is interested in her abilities. However, Uryū threatens Aramaki into running away with her in his arms to get her away from the impending battle between him and Kurotsuchi, although the latter initially tries to prevent his target from getting away.[55]

Orihime and Aramaki are found by Yachiru Kusajishi and brought back to the Eleventh Division quarters where she is questioned by its members.[56] The whole group, with Orihime travelling upon Kenpachi Zaraki's back with a jealous Yachiru, run for the barracks where Uryū, Chad and Ganju Shiba are being held and break them out of jail. Orihime and her friends witness Kenpachi challenge Sajin Komamura, Kaname Tōsen and their vice-captains to battle before being dragged off by Yachiru in order to find Ichigo.[57]

Orihime identifies Ichigo’s huge Reiatsu when they arrive during the climatic battle between their friend and Byakuya Kuchiki.[58] Orihime explains their reasons for rescuing Rukia to a confused Aramaki.[59] She refuses to leave the area when Uryū advises her to do so, staying despite the dangers.[60] Ichigo hurts himself by colliding heads with Orihime when the battle ends in his victory and is reassured that she was not injured at all during the mission. She tearfully informs him that she regrets not being able to help him but Ichigo thanks her anyway for her concern.[61] Because she wasn’t healed by the Fourth Division, she is the only person in the Seireitei who does not hear Isane Kotetsu’s message about Sōsuke Aizen’s betrayal as the mastermind behind the entire scheme.[62] Aizen escapes as Orihime watches helplessly with her friends at the bottom of the hill, although Rukia survives the ordeal.[63] Orihime attracts the attention of members of the Fourth Division as she heals Ichigo due to her abilities since they could leave the Ryoka alone.[64]

Ryoka Leaving

Orihime and her friends depart from Soul Society, their mission there completed.

Orihime stays for a week in Soul Society while the others recuperate following Aizen's escape. After receiving new clothes for returning home from Uryū, Orihime begins to think he has a crush on Rukia due to the dress he made her, before discovering her Shinigami friend is not in her quarters. She reports this information to Ichigo after attempting to search for Rukia herself.[65] They both search for her, with Orihime humorously climbing several flights of windows to Byakuya’s room and having to decline an invitation to a drink with Rangiku Matsumoto as she continued her search with Ichigo; this leads them to the Shiba household where they find Rukia.[66] She is present when Rukia decides to stay with the Gotei 13 and forcibly gives Uryū’s dress to her friend despite Rukia not needing it in the Soul Society. While many Shinigami officers look on, Orihime enters the Senkaimon with her friends in order to return home to the world of the living.[67]

Bount arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Arrancar arc

Chizuru Grabs Orihime

Chizuru grabs Orihime from behind in a slightly possessive manner.

On the first day of the new semester, Orihime greets Ichigo along with Chad and Uryū. Things appear to be back to normal as Orihime is ambushed by Chizuru Honshō and Tatsuki, as normal, intervenes to extract Orihime from Chizuru's grasp.[81] Orihime notices when Ichigo's badge starts to alert him to the presence of a Hollow nearby and she, along with Chad, fake a bathroom trip to follow Ichigo.[82] While there, Orihime lets the others know that Uryū hadn't come because he's not been himself but realizes she should not have said anything. It is then revealed that they are being watched by a mysterious new character hovering above them in an inverted way.[83] Orihime is distracted by a worried Ichigo as a new student arrives in class.[84] The next day, Orihime arrives in school and greets both Ichigo and Shinji, who seems overwhelmed that she'd remembered his name and hugs her.[85] This causes a bit of a ruckus with the other students who express jealousy and bewilderment, with Chizuru even threatening Shinji's life before Ichigo pulls him away.[86] Noticing the change of behavior in Ichigo, Orihime and Chad confront Shinji after overhearing his conversation with Hiyori Sarugaki.[87] They manage to get Hiyori's name out of her but before they can learn anything, Hiyori is carried away by Shinji although Orihime tries to stop them unsuccessfully.[88]

Yammy Hits Orihime

Yammy lashes out at Orihime when she tries to protect Ichigo.

From where the Visored left them, Orihime and Chad feel the immense spiritual pressure consume the world around them as two Arrancar, Ulquiorra Cifer and Yammy Llargo, arrive in the world of the living and they rush towards its source to investigate.[89] They arrive just after Yammy absorbs many nearby souls, saving the lone survivor, Tatsuki. Initially, on Chad's advice, Orihime runs away with her weakened friend but stops when she witnesses the brutality with which Yammy deals with him in retaliation.[90] She feels guilt because Chad asked her to run even though he knew neither of them could match Yammy in strength. Seen as worthless, the Arrancar goes to attack Orihime as well only to be stopped by her Santen Kesshun ability, surprising them both as she begins to heal Chad's injuries as well. Ulquiorra identifies something more than simple healing taking place. Bravely, she uses her Koten Zanshun against Yammy to give Ichigo time to arrive however the attack is ineffective and Tsubaki is greatly injured by Yammy. Ichigo arrives to prevent Yammy from hurting her and she laments that she was useless in battle once more. She is reassured by Ichigo's determination to end the battle.[91] Orihime recognizes the new darkness in Ichigo's reiatsu that wasn't there in Soul Society.[92] She retreats once more but again returns when Ichigo starts to get beaten and this time, Yammy finally lands a hit on her, aggressively smashing her away from him as she tries to help. Orihime sustains massive injuries from the battle, with Tsubaki completely destroyed. She and her friends are saved by the arrival of Yoruichi and Urahara.[93] After Yoruichi floors Yammy, she proceeds to Orihime, reassuring her that Ichigo is fine so that she could swallow the pill she was handing to her. Before she manages to attain this task, Yammy gets back up and charges a Cero before Yoruichi realizes what he is about to do, not having the time to do anything at such close range. Despite this, both she and Orihime are saved by Urahara's ability to nullify the Espada's attack before it reached them using Benihime's special offensive ability.[94]

Ichigo Truly Apologises

Rukia forces Ichigo to apologize to an injured Orihime.

Five days pass before Orihime returns to school, reassuring her alarmed friends that she was alright despite her many bandages. When Ichigo shows up, appearing worried and conflicted, Orihime's failure to put him at ease upsets her a little.[95]

The clash with the Arrancar prompts Soul Society to send a group of Shinigami to help defend the Human World, Rukia among them, who recognizes Ichigo's guilt and after getting him to defeat a hollow, drags him towards Orihime and forces him to apologize for his inability to protect her and for his depressing behavior. Orihime appears shocked at her return and later glad as Ichigo vows to get stronger to protect her, welcoming Rukia back in the process. While the return of Rukia helps to cheer up a depressed Ichigo, Orihime becomes conflicted with gratefulness and jealousy, feelings she expressed to the memorial picture she has of Sora in her living room, seeming upset. Meanwhile, the other Shinigami decide they can't stay at Ichigo's so Rangiku decides she's going to stay with Orihime and tries to persuade her captain to come with her.[96] Although initially shocked, she lets Rangiku stay at her house while the Shinigami gets over excited and starts suggesting baths. While the Shinigami is in the bath, Orihime tells Rangiku about her jealousy, confiding in her about her feelings of inadequacy through the door after checking if the water was warm enough. This results in Rangiku immediately getting out of the tub and hugging Orihime, calling her a fool for feeling that way, hovering over her as she advised the girl not to be jealous of Rukia nor to let those feelings get the better of her as she is as equally as important to him as she is.[97] They have fun after Orihime cooks and surprisingly Rangiku enjoys her food and they both have Ice Cream together.[98]

Orihime Healing Hitsugaya

Orihime heals Hitsugaya after he defeats the 11th Arrancar.

During this time, Karakura Town is invaded by Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and he leads his subordinates to destroy anyone in the town with even an ounce of Spiritual Power. Orihime is left to look after Rangiku's Gigai so that she won't interrupt the battle.[99] Instead, Orihime tries to run to her guests, however she is held back by the Mod Soul inside of Rangiku's Gigai.[100] Following Hitsugaya's win, Rangiku rushes to get Orihime for her healing powers to heal her captain.[101] She is seen healing Hitsugaya when Ichigo's fight with the Sixth Espada finally concludes.[102] While healing Rukia, she can't help but notice Ichigo watch on in concern, sadly closing her eyes afterwards.[103] Rukia comment upon how greatly Orihime has improved her powers, following the speed she healed after being impaled by Grimmjow during the fight, although Orihime denies this.[104]

Orihime Finds Hitsugaya & Matsumoto TV

Orihime discovers what Hitsugaya and Rangiku have done to her living room.

After the second assault on the Human world, Orihime becomes a little gloomy wondering if Ichigo is alright, but knows that he will be fine because, like Rukia, she can sense his Reiatsu if she concentrates. She realizes that at the moment, everyone seems gloomy, including Tatsuki and decides she needs to spend some time with her. However, her neighbor pulls her out of these thoughts when she is informed that her guests have brought something large into her living room. She stands enthralled by the large screen they brought into the room as the Commander of Soul Society finally informs them that they've figured out the true agenda of Sōsuke Aizen.[105] She tries to leave what she considers to be an important meeting but is stopped by Yamamoto who states that she should stay as this involves humans as well. At the mention of the Royal Key Orihime becomes confused until Rangiku explains that Soul Society has a King and that he lives in an alternate dimension from the Souls and Shinigami. She is also horrified to learn of the creation for the Royal Key to be over one hundred thousand Human souls. However, she further learns that Aizen intends to use Karakura Town and it's civilians to create the key, thus wiping most of them out. Yamamoto then entrusts with her the job of telling her people about this revelation so they can start preparing for the worst in the Winter War to come.[106]

She is able to track down Ichigo, who is at the Visored base which is a feat within itself given that he was shielded and the others could not sense him.[107] She is then able to show her great intellect by deducing the barrier's abilities and how powerful it is.[108] Furthermore, she manages to pass through the Visored's barrier without much effort greatly surprising them when she arrives and is just a human.[109] This feat amazes and impresses the Visored Hachigen Ushōda, who created the barrier.[110] She manages to inform Ichigo of Aizen's plans and is amazed to find that he is with the Visored in an attempt to get stronger to stop him.[111] She also marvels at how strong he is getting mentally and how his Reiatsu doesn't feel as dark nor as scary anymore.[112]


Hachigen heals Tsubaki for Orihime.

Yoruichi brings Orihime to see Urahara when she leaves the barrier.[113] She wonders what he wants her for, watching Chad train with Renji and confirming that Tsubaki is still in a critical state. Because of her lack of offensive techniques, she is asked to stay away from the coming fights because she may become a liability and Urahara did not want her other techniques to draw the eye of Aizen. Although understanding the reasoning for it, Orihime still runs off upset while Renji confirms that she just isn’t suited for battle much to Chad’s displeasure.[114] Despite this, she meets up with Rukia, who encourages Orihime to try her hardest, helping firm some of the Human girl’s resolve. Hiyori interrupts their conversation and drags Orihime back to the Visored headquarters to see Hachigen. While there, the large Visored explains that Orihime’s hair clips almost act like a Shinigami’s Zanpakutō and offers to show her how to fix Tsubaki despite not having any piece of him left. After doing so, he informs her that her powers were like his and that she is more powerful than she imagine although neither of them are very suited for battle. Happy with the return of her offensive ability, Orihime leaves the warehouse to find that Rukia had followed her and was glad that Ichigo was at least safe. Together they decide to train in Soul Society to improve both of their battle techniques.[115]

Orihime Spars With Rukia

Orihime and Rukia spar with one another in Soul Society to get stronger.

Unfortunately, Orihime's ability does spur Aizen's attention. Upon seeing footage brought back by Ulquiorra, he decides to have her captured. A third invasion of the Human world is ordered, intending to lure Orihime out.[116] In the meantime, Orihime is training with Rukia within Soul Society, at the old training grounds of the Thirteenth Division. While doing so they are being watched by Rukia's Captain, Jūshirō Ukitake, who states that it is a beautiful thing that Rukia was able to make a friend in Orihime no matter that she was a human.[117] When the third invasion commences, Soul Society alerts Ukitake who in turn alerts Orihime and Rukia. Orihime tries to hurry home with Rukia but is reminded that she doesn't have a Hell Butterfly and will need to wait for the journey to be made safe for her, which Ukitake is already on top of.[118] The Senkaimon is finally completed mid way through the battle, and Orihime leaves Soul Society with two Shinigami guiding her through the Dangai. Ulquiorra intercepts Orihime and her allies in the Dangai, just as she believed in her new found strength and will.[119] Ulquiorra cuts down one of her escorts only to have Orihime immediately prepare to heal him and advise the other one to run away only to have him cut down as well, forcing Ayame to extend the healing shield to both of them, greatly showing her improve abilities. Ulquiorra is amazed by this but demands that she come with him, showing her the images of her injured friends and stating that she will agree or he will kill them.[120] Threatened with the lives of those she cares for the most, she has no choice but to go to Hueco Mundo.

Orihime leaves Kurosaki, unable to speak to him.

Orihime tearfully says goodbye to Ichigo after confessing her feelings towards him.

Orihime is next seen making a list of chores for Rangiku and Hitsugaya to follow while she is in captivity in Hueco Mundo, knowing they would be useless without her instructions. It is then revealed that Ulquiorra gave her a bracelet that covers her in a Spiritual Membrane to prevent anyone except the Arrancar to sense her Reiatsu while she is still in the World of the Living. He has given her twelve hours to get her effects in order and allows her to say goodbye to only one person during that time and that they are not to discover her presence as she is doing so. Meanwhile, Rukia is trying to call her, assuming she is still within Soul Society's domain but is unable to do so. Orihime decides to say goodbye to Ichigo and arrives as he is unconscious, healing, with his sisters asleep on his bedroom floor. She admits that there were many she could have said goodbye to, and lists her friends but picked him instead. She admits that this is the first time she has ever been in Ichigo's room and she comes close to kissing his sleeping form but cannot bring herself to do it. Instead, she breaks down into tears and admits that she has fallen in love with Ichigo and would love to do so five times over. She then heals his hand, thanks him and bids him farewell before leaving. Before going to Hueco Mundo, she writes a cryptic line in a notebook, as a message to the others, "Goodbye halcyon days."[121]

Hueco Mundo arc


Orihime healing Grimmjow's lost arm.

Unlike the others, who follow her, Orihime is taken straight to Aizen's throne room in Las Noches. Terrified of Aizen's immense power, she is forced to demonstrate her abilities by Aizen so that others may observe them. Using Sōten Kisshun, she regenerates the left arm of Grimmjow, which had previously been vaporized by Tōsen. Most people present are shocked with Luppi feeling particularly unhappy already. Aizen explains her powers enable her to be able to trample upon the even the horizons that God himself has set in place. She then heals Grimmjow’s scarred back to reveal his 6 tattoo again so that he could kill Luppi and regain his rank within the Espada, which he swiftly does much to Orihime’s dismay.[122]


Orihime's appearance during the Hueco Mundo arc.

Orihime is assigned a modest room within Las Noches, and notices that there was nothing to do to be loud. She laments over doing the right thing in coming to Hueco Mundo since helping Aizen would hinder her friends' efforts against him. She promises to appear worthwhile before the she feels the Reiatsu of her friends in Hueco Mundo.[123] She is given a new white outfit like the Arrancar‘s wear and is shown to be under the supervision of Ulquiorra. The Espada advises her of the presence of her friends in Hueco Mundo, so that they can save her.[124] Although Orihime is shocked, Ulquiorra insisted it would not change anything as she was now their 'comrade' and belongs to Aizen.[125] During a conversation with Nnoitra Gilga, Ulquiorra reveals that Aizen has been playing a game with Orihime from the time she was confronted inside the Dangai Precipice by alluding to her that she came to Hueco Mundo by choice when it had all been a trap and she had no will of her own.[126]

Orihime with Hogyoku

Orihime watches the Hōgyoku up close and decides to destroy it.

It is then revealed that Aizen has taken his manipulation of Orihime and the situation at hand one step further. He had Loly Aivirrne and Menoly Mallia bring Orihime to his chambers and to leave them alone despite their heightened protests not to do so. The two Arrancar storm off and it is clear that they feel great animosity for Orihime, especially Loly. Aizen then reveals his reasons for summoning her and progresses to show her a slightly deteriorated form of the Hōgyoku. He claims that showing her this is a token of his trust in her as his plans cannot be achieved without its powers. He marvels at her powers, carefully asking whether or not she was going to use her powers for him or not in a coaxing fashion. His ruse doesn't fool Orihime, she knows he doesn't trust her but the episode allows her to decide that there is something that only she can do and that's erasing the Hōgyoku from even existing in the first place.[127]

Ulquiorra Advises Orihime

Ulquiorra tries to convince Orihime to eat after Sado's defeat.

Along with the rest of her friends, Orihime senses the defeat of Chad at the hands of Nnoitra Gilga. Her shock is observed by Ulquiorra, although she insists that her friend is definitely still alive, contrary to what he implied. This comment is ignored and caterers are summoned to her room and she is threatened to eat the food or else have it shoved down her throat. Again, she insists Chad is still alive despite the subject change and so Ulquiorra informs her that it mattered little since all her friends would die soon enough and that they should expect this outcome due to them being in Hueco Mundo. Orihime emotionally slaps his face but earns no response to this action. The Fourth Espada leaves again threatening her with force feeding should she not have eaten in an hour. Orihime begins to cry over the entire situation.[128]


Orihime's impressive abilities resurrect Menoly.

Later, Orihime feels Ichigo’s defeat by Ulquiorra but before she can react, Loly and Menoly break into her room to have fun. Loly attacks her and berates her weakness as a Human and Loly’s strength. Orihime does not react and angers the Arrancar even more which results in louder attacks and Menoly trying to quieten her down. Grimmjow explodes into the room then and shocks all those who are present, ending the assault.[129] Grimmjow then proceeds to defeat the two weaker Arrancar with very little effort, much to Orihime’s increased horror, with Menoly having the top half of her body blown away by the Espada’s much stronger ‘’’Cero’’’. This is meant as repayment for Orihime returning Grimmjow’s arm to him and thus allowing him to regain his status. He grabs her by the scruff then, demanding her attention on an errand.[130]

Healing Troubles

Orihime struggles to heal Ichigo after Ulquiorra's attack on him.

Grimmjow gives her the chance to heal herself but Orihime heals a reluctant Loly before resurrecting Menoly by rematerializing her body physically, being called a ’’Monster‘’ for this.[131] The Sixth Espada then drags a captive Orihime to Ichigo’s apparently lifeless body and demands that she heal his rival as he sits down. She initially has trouble doing so because of the leftover Reiatsu left behind in the wound by Ulquiorra, as she meets an upset Nel Tu. She is shocked to learn the identity of Ichigo’s attacker and that the wound was Ulquiorra’s signature move. She eventually breaks through the Reiatsu and Ichigo begins to show signs of life. Both she and Nel watch over him in a relieved fashion, surprising him when he regains consciousness. Before she finishes the healing process,however, the Fourth Espada arrives on the scene.[132] Ulquiorra’s presence makes Orihime feel uncomfortable as he demands she is returned to his care and a fight breaks out between the two Espada with Grimmjow using a Caja Negación to take the other by surprise and temporarily imprisoning him.[133]

Ichigo protects Nel & Orihime

Ichigo protects both Nel and Orihime from one of Grimmjow's attacks.

Orihime and Grimmjow then have a disagreement because she doesn’t want to heal Ichigo just so they could fight again and thus get injured once more. Ichigo has to get in between them as Grimmjow begins to use physical force against her, and requests his friend to do as Grimmjow asks to end it once and for all in an even battle.[134] When he’s healed, Ichigo reassures her and Nel by promising he will win. Orihime does the same for an upset Nel after the battle begins, reminding her of his promise to them and that they should wait and believe in him.[135] To goad Ichigo into using his full power, Grimmjow fires a ‘’’Gran Ray Cero’’’ in their direction when Ichigo dodges it.[136] They are protected by a masked Ichigo, the appearance of which disturbs Orihime but Nel tells her she need not fear him in that state as the mask will help him win. When Grimmjow releases his Pantera, Ichigo advises her to use her powers to protect both her and Nel.[137] Orihime still feels unsure of the mask due to his ruthlessness and dark power in this form. She becomes scared of even looking into his Hollowfied eyes, something Ichigo notices while fighting the battle.[138] She attempts to overcome this fear but the eyes continue to chill her.[139]


Orihime calls out for Ichigo not to die against Grimmjow.

When Ichigo appears to be at a disadvantage, Nel deduces that it is because of the negative effect Orihime’s fear was having on him. Orihime is shocked when the little Arrancar begins to berate her for not cheering him on and reminds her how Ichigo gained the power to protect his friends and now was in an all-out battle just to save her life, needing her support in the process. Orihime remembers why she came to Hueco Mundo and how she was happy that they had come for her; part of her was scared that the mask meant he actually had ulterior motive for being in Hueco Mundo. She then summons strength and cries out for Ichigo not to get hurt anymore.[140] Her support gave Ichigo the resolve to block Grimmjow’s most powerful attack and end the fight finally defeating, his self-appointed rival, Grimmjow.[141]


Ichigo lifts Orihime to bring her down from the tower.

Ichigo comes back to her on the tower, causing her to feel relieved he was normal again once he checks her injuries; she becomes cheerful when he is relieved she is fine. Ichigo embarrasses her by lifting her over his shoulder to get of the tower, insisting she’s not as heavy as he would have thought. Orihime asks Nel to stop dragging it out when the small Arrancar tries to explain his folly, telling Nel that it was depressing her more. Their departure is interrupted by Grimmjow, still alive, wanting to continue the battle, something Orihime tries to stop. She witnesses the arrival of the Fifth Espada, who wants to fight Ichigo after injuring Grimmjow some more.[142]


Orihime is held hostage by Tesra.

Orihime is held captive by Nnoitra’s Fracción, Tesra Lindocruz, as she tries to help an injured Ichigo.[143] She tries to convince the Espada that his actions are unfair but her argument is ignored because war and battle weren’t fair.[144] When she thinks about helping by using her powers, Tesra threatens to break her clips and thus destroy her ‘’’Shun Shun Rikka’’’ powers in the process, forcing her to comply. She fails to bluff as to the whereabouts of Nel’s presence and her captor blasts away the rock concealing the tiny Arrancar, causing Orihime concern. Both she and Ichigo are informed of Nel’s true identity as an ex-Espada.[145] Orihime is shocked but Nel tries to defend herself, denying the charge as impossible.[146] Orihime cries out for Nel when Nnoitra ruthlessly grabs her up in the air by her mask, revealing that it is broken because of him.[147]


Orihime fruitlessly tries to stop Nel from hugging Ichigo too tightly.

Orihime and Ichigo are shocked when Nel spontaneously transforms into her adult self.[148] A stunned Orihime is released by Tesra when Nel dominate Nnoitra and blasts him with a double Cero. She runs to heal Ichigo but is prevented by Nel who screams excitedly before hugging an injured Ichigo with all her might. In a panic, Orihime tries to stop her but he still gets knocked out by the tight hug before Nnoitra reveals himself to have survived.[149] Orihime tries to warn Ichigo about his injuries but he’s knocked back by Tesra, who takes her prisoner once more.[150]


Orihime is held hostage by Nnoitra Gilga.

Orihime is worried when Nel becomes a child again.[151] Orihime is released by Tesra so that he can release and start beating on Ichigo. Nnoitra grips onto her, sticking two fingers down her throat when she goes to cry out, forcing her to watch Tesra’s carnage in front of her.[152] When Kenpachi Zaraki appears out of nowhere, everyone is shocked and Orihime is tossed aside so that Nnoitra can sense his level of strength. As Kenpachi dispatches Tesra, Orihime shows concern for Ichigo. It is revealed that her kidnap was a major cause for concern in Soul Society, so Urahara forced himself to work faster to prepare for the war with Aizen.[153]


Orihime uses Santen Kesshun to protect Yachiru from Nnoitra.

While Kenpachi and Nnoitra battle one another, Orihime goes to Ichigo and decides to heal Nel first, at Ichigo’s request, promising to heal him once she finished with the small Arrancar.[154] Along with Ichigo, she watches in shock as Kenpachi stabs through Nnoitra's 'eye' and discovers his Hollow hole.[155] They continue to observe the match from the sides as it escalates.[156] When it appear that Kenpachi has been cut down, Nnoitra moves to take care of ‘left overs’, referring to Yachiru Kusajishi, however Orihime rushes to her aid and erects her Santen Kesshun to protect the youthful Shinigami. However, when the little girl merely points to something behind the Fifth Espada, it is soon revealed that Kenpachi is actually alive and their battle continues.[157]


Orihime is kidnapped by Starrk.

Due to the amount of arms Nnoitra has, and his regeneration ability, Orihime wonders if Kenpachi can win.[158] However Kenpachi uses Kendo to win.[159] Kenpachi demands that Orihime is taken away from Hueco Mundo after she heals his battle wounds. As she runs to do this task, she is intercepted by the First Espada, Starrk as he appears in front of her before anybody can do anything. Stating that he’ll be reluctantly borrowing Orihime, he vanishes with her before the others can attack him. Before she knows it, she is with Aizen again, who asks that she smiles and waits as he destroys Karakura Town.[160] It is then revealed that her kidnap was a rouse to trap as many Shinigami within Hueco Mundo to reduce resistance in Karakura Town.[161] Ulquiorra is then left to guard her from Ichigo who intends on taking her back.[162]

The New Captain Shūsuke Amagai arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Fake Karakura Town arc


Ulquiorra wonders if the Human 'Heart' is in Orihime's chest.

After Aizen leaves with Gin, Tōsen and the top three Espada, Orihime is left in the fifth tower with Ulquiorra watching over her as usual. Ulquiorra seems to taunt her, asking if she was now afraid because she has no more use but Orihime stands her ground repeatedly and denies feeling any fear because the spirits of her friends are with her.[168] She informs the Espada of her new resolve that she felt when Ichigo fought Grimmjow and how she would have done the same thing as any of her friends and all their hearts were now beating as one. The concept of a heart gain’s Ulquiorra’s interest and he wonders would he find it if he ripped open her chest or cracks open her skull. Ichigo arrives then before he acts on this intrigue.[169] When Ichigo demands he leave her alone, the Espada explains that she was safe because Aizen has not ordered her death in contrast to Ichigo and thus draws his sword to begin their battle.[170]

Inoue defends ichigo

Orihime's Santen Kesshun blocks Ulquiorra's attack.

Ulquiorra wonders that if Ichigo‘s increased strength during their second battle was due to Orihime and seeing her safe and well. He also hints that Aizen might have done something to Orihime to make rescuing her pointless.[171] Orihime is then targeted by Loly once more, with a reluctant Menoly following, to bring her down.[172] Because they appear evenly matched, Ichigo wonders aloud if Orihime has been affecting Ulquiorra and thus making him more human. This enrages the Espada, who increases his attacks on Ichigo.[173] Orihime saves Ichigo from a near fatal blow with her Santen Kesshun, staring at Ulquiorra determinedly as she does so.[174]

Menoly inoue loly

Menoly and Loly ambush Orihime, attacking her once more.

The Espada begins to verbally harass her but Ichigo intervenes and asks her to stay back where she is safe. Loly and Menoly ambush Orihime from behind and begin to torture her now that Aizen was finished with her. Loly threatens to pull out Orihime’s eye should Ichigo try to help her but Ulquiorra prevents him from doing so anyway before Yammy arrives.[175] The massive Espada easily defeats Menoly and then a released Loly, tossing them aside as if they were nothing. He expresses the desire to kill Orihime but before he can act, Uryū arrives and engages him in battle, saving her and sending Yammy crashing down the tower.[176] As Ichigo returns to his battle with Ulquiorra, he tells Uryū to guard Orihime with his life.[177]


Uryū and Orihime are engulfed by Ulquiorra's increased Spiritual Power.

Orihime is seen expressing grave concern towards Ichigo's safety, as Ulquiorra finally releases his Zanpakutō when her and Ichigo go above the dome of Las Noches.[178] Uryū tries to reassure her that Ichigo will be fine.[179] She then asks Uryū to take her up to the battle after Ulquiorra uses "Cero Oscuras". By hardening the Reiatsu below their feet, he does as she asks, taking them to the dome. Their conversation is interrupted as they are consumed by Ulquiorra's dense reiatsu when he uses his Segunda Etapa technique.[180] She arrives to see Ulquiorra holding an unconscious Ichigo with his tail and is forced to watch as he uses a Cero Oscuras at point blank range, blowing a hole in Ichigo’s chest.[181]


Ulquiorra prevents Orihime from healing Ichigo, stating it as useless.

Numbly, Orihime stares at the hole created by Ulquiorra and after he throws a seemingly dead Ichigo down the tower, she rushes to rescue him using Santen Kesshun to catch his falling body. Before she can reach him, however, Ulquiorra appears before her telling that Ichigo can't be healed even by her powers. Thinking quickly, Uryū shoots an arrow that Ulquiorra blocks with his wing giving enough time for Orihime to get past him to Ichigo. Despite using her Sōten Kisshun on Ichigo, the hole doesn't appear to be close, and she begins to blame herself and panic. Her desperation only worsens when Uryū flies past her, having lost his left hand at the hands of Ulquiorra. He is then defeated by Ulquiorra and she shields him from the Espada while still panicking over and over about what she should do now.[182] Orihime becomes overtly distraught, mentally panicking as she cries out for Ichigo to wake up, not noticing the change in his appearance.[183] The sound of her voice triggers a change in Ichigo as Hollow Ichigo takes over and moves to defend Orihime and Uryū. They are stunned by his new appearance as the fight resumes. One of Ichigo‘s swipes send them both tumbling away and they become worried about him as their calls to him are ignored.[184]


Uryū and Orihime watch Hollow Ichigo dominate Ulquiorra.

They watch as he brutally cuts off Ulquiorra's hand, wondering if it really is Ichigo.[185] The two of them are caught in the shockwave of Ulquiorra's Lanza del Relámpago attack that he misfired.[186] Orihime and Uryǔ watch as Hollow Ichigo almost effortlessly defeats Ulquiorra and then uses a Cero at close range to finish, although he doesn't die.[187] Uryū, in an effort to stop Ichigo from killing Ulquiorra in cold blood, restrains him with his hand but is stabbed through the stomach while Orihime screams out in panic. Hollow Ichigo then turns to Orihime at the sound of her voice and begins to stutter that he will help her greatly shocking her as she realizes what has happened. She starts to blame herself because she knows this has happened because of what she said to him unconscious. Just then, Hollow Ichigo begins to charge a Cero to fire at Uryǔ and she calls out for him to stop. Using the last of his power, Ulquiorra uses a Lanza del Relámpago to sever one of Hollow Ichigo's horns as Orihime watches in a shocked fashion and the attack explodes far away.[188] The explosion shatters Hollow Ichigo's mask and restoring him to normal.[189]


A dying Ulquiorra reaches out for Orihime, realizing what a heart is.

Under the stunned gaze of Ulquiorra, Orihime rushes towards Ichigo, willing him to wake up. They both watch as the hole in Ichigo's chest miraculously heals itself, unable to comprehend what has happened. Ichigo awakens fully unaware of the events that have happened. He attempts to finish his fight with Ulquiorra however the Espada is injured too badly and begins to fade. After requesting Ichigo to kill him, the dying Espada turns to Orihime, once again asking if she was afraid of him. He reaches out for her, and she does the same, telling him that she wasn't scared just as he fades away.[190] Just as he dies, Ulquiorra has been influenced so much by Orihime and her friends that he realizes the heart is what he is holding in his hands as he dies.[191]After the fight, Orihime stays on top of the dome to tend to Uryū's wounds.[192]

Ichigo's Friends Return

Orihime and the others appear after Ichigo's victory.

She appears along with Chad, Renji, Rukia, and Uryū in Soul Society following the defeat of Aizen. She starts to cry in relief upon seeing that Ichigo is fine, commenting that due to Ichigo's changed appearance she thought she was seeing things. She rushes towards Ichigo with the others, just as the latter suddenly collapses mid-sentence while replying to her.[193] About one month later, she is in Ichigo's room with Rukia, Chad, and Uryǔ as he wakes up. She screams his name in joy, only to be embarrassed for being the only person to do so.[194]

Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Beast Swords arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

Gotei 13 Invading Army arc (anime only)

Note: Events occurring in this arc are only in the anime and do not constitute canon material.

The Lost Substitute Shinigami arc


Orihime sits embarrassed in Ichigo's bedroom.

Orihime is admired as she walks down the school hallway until she sees Ichigo and Tatsuki out the window and calls out to them, almost falling in her excitement. She grabs a drainage pipe and slides down it, being admonished and hit on the head by Tatsuki for being so silly. She discusses her inability to sing the song of her life, the Wahaha Song but is advised that it is because she has matured now. She still asks their advice after freaking them out with her facial expression but neither really care. She is then reminded that she needs to go home and get ready for work as Tatsuki leaves for her job as well.[219] On her way home, Orihime catches up with Uryū, initially believing Ichigo to have been kidnapped before informing him that she's felt something different about him in the last number of days before she rushes home to get ready for work.[220] Orihime goes to the Kurosaki Clinic, where she calls to Ichigo, offering him cheap bread. Ichigo brings her inside, where she fidgets due to being in Ichigo's room. As the two talk, Orihime asks him if something had happened or if he was being followed, saying that her intuition led her to believe that to be the case. After Ichigo denies this, Orihime says that her intuition was wrong and she allowed her intuition to get her worried.[221]

At her apartment, Orihime notes that her face is still red and expresses her surprise that Ichigo had invited her inside, idealizing what actually happened. She says that Ichigo is so nice for telling her to pick out the bread she liked to bring it home. Spinning around, she becomes dizzy and falls, knocking a picture of Sora. She picks up the picture and apologizes before saying that Ichigo is hiding something. Her phone rings, startling her. She answers, finding that it is Uryū.[222] Ichigo arrives at Karakura Hospital to find Orihime already there. He asks after Sado, but Orihime tells him that he did not answer his phone. Seeing that she called Ichigo, Uryū says that she is taking things too far. After they and Ryūken talk about his injuries, Uryū tells them that he cannot tell them anything and asks them to go home. When Ichigo offers to walk Orihime home, Ryūken tells him that he will drive her home. Ryūken tells Orihime that Ichigo does not seem to be able to help and informs her that he examined the reiatsu left in Uryū by the attacker. He reveals that the attacker was not a Hollow or Shinigami, but rather was something that he had not encountered before. He theorizes that the assailant was a Human with powers, similar to Orihime and Sado. Noting that Quincy broadly fall into this category, he warns her that she or Sado might be in danger. He then tells her he will bring her home now.[223]


Tsukishima appears behind Orihime.

At school the following day, Orihime asks Ichigo if he knows anything about Sado's condition. Ichigo inquires if he is sick. Orihime tells him that she went to his class to inform him about what had happened to Uryū, but it seems that Sado has not been in school lately. She tells him that she was planning to take a get well present to him after school and invites Ichigo, who declines. She tells him that it is too short notice and that she will let him know what Sado's condition. Ichigo thanks her and walks off. At Sado's home, Orihime finds that Sado is not in. She remembers Ryūken's warning but quickly dismisses such negative thoughts and leaves some bread and prays for him.[224] Orihime remarks that Ichigo and Chad still haven't returned to school before being challenged by Moe Shishigawara, who requests that she die.[225]


Orihime comes between Shishigawara and Tsukishima when he produces his Fullbring.

Moe moves in for the kill but flings himself away when he sees how beautiful she is. She becomes angry when she realizes that he was the one who attacked Uryū and her attacker notices that her air has changed and he could fight her like this. However, Tsukishima appears behind her and orders Shishigawara to stop.[226] Demanding to know who Tsukishima is, she decides to get in between him and Shishigawara when it appears he might hurt him, even though he's brought forth his Fullbring, Book of the End and looks fully intent on using it. She asks him if the Fullbring is a Zanpakutō. He explains that it is his Fullbring and asks her if she cannot bear to see even an enemy hurt in front of her. She tells him that if he was the one who attacked Uryū, then she cannot let him get away.[227] Orihime attempts to use her powers when Tsukishima turns away, however he appears behind her and seemingly gives her a potentially fatal cut from her left shoulder, down through her chest.[228] However, when Sado and Ichigo arrive, she is unharmed despite being sure she had felt the cut from the sword. Concerned for Ichigo, whom she thinks is powerless, she brushes off his concern while deciding to text Sado with the information later. For a moment, she believed that Tsukishima was her friend which makes her wonder what she was slashed by.[229]

Orihime walks into a pole while talking with Sado on her phone. Sado, hearing the noise, asks if she is okay. She tells him that she is and apologizes. She tells him that she is certain she was cut, but by the time she came to, he and Shishigawara were gone and there was no wound. Orihime reveals that when Sado and Ichigo arrived on the scene she thought for a second that Tsukishima was her friend. She says that she does not understand it and rather than mistaking him for a friend, it felt like an old memory, leaving Sado shocked. Orihime tells him to be careful as she believes that Tsukishima's power is scary. Sado agrees and then asks for the two attackers' names and he tells him their names, though she mistakenly says Shishigawara's name as Sushigawara.[230]


Orihime visits Uryū in the hospital to heal him

Orihime goes to the hospital to visit Uryū after receiving a call from him requesting that she does so. When she arrives he apologizes for his brash attitude last time they spoke and asks that she now heal his injuries because he senses the change in Ichigo's Reiatsu. Orihime confirms that she senses it as well but has decided to let Ichigo tell her when he's ready before informing Uryū that she was attacked by the same person who attacked him.[231] They discuss the differing abilities they were attacked with and she is able to inform him that Tsukishima's abilities were called "Fullbring" as Uryū thought they were just another Zanpakutō. On the way home, she meets with Sado, who asks that she tell him all about Uryū as they walk home. She confirms that while the Reiatsu surrounding his injuries was different from anything she'd seen, she was able to heal him alright.[232]

Riruka confronts Orihime

Orihime is confronted by Riruka Dokugamine.

Chad brings Orihime to Xcution's temporary hideout and Riruka Dokugamine jumps down, getting in Orihime's face asking questions about her healing abilities and if she's here for Ichigo's training. She then tells Orihime that if she heals Ichigo he'll just get injured again and allow him to endure endless pain. Orihime then asks Riruka if she's worried about Ichigo as well, which she denies angrily. Orihime says she understands Riruka but has left those worries behind a long time ago. She further says if Ichigo needs her help, she will use her powers to help him, no matter what. Riruka then asks Orihime what she'd do if he is hurt beyond her abilities to heal, and Orihime says she'll never allow that and will heal it all, no matter how hopelessly injured he gets. Orihime is next seen entering Yukio's Fullbring, and Kūgo says the healing item is here.[233]


Orihime uses Shiten Kōshun against Kūgo.

As Orihime introduces herself, she is directed towards a heavily injured Ichigo. She rushes towards him and begins to heal him.[234] After some time, Orihime has almost fully restored Ichigo's health. Kūgo, however, states that she is taking too long. She pleads with him to wait some more, but he declines, asking Ichigo is he's ready. When Ichigo says yes, Kūgo rushes him. Orihime steps in front of Ichigo, erecting a barrier. Ichigo calls out, asking her to stop, while Kūgo mocks her attempt to stop his Cross of the Scaffold Fullbring with Santen Kesshun. Orihime simply tells him he's wrong - Kūgo questions her meaning as he strikes the barrier, and is instantly cut by a blast of energy. He falls back, grunting in pain, as Orihime explains that she used Shiten Kōshun to block his attack. Ichigo begins to question Orihime on her new ability. She tells him that the seventeen months he was without his spiritual abilities, both she and Chad had been constantly improving. She claims that they knew Ichigo would eventually regain his powers, and that neither of them would let themselves fall behind again. Ichigo says he understands, thanks Orihime and moves to combat Kūgo.[235]

Orihime looks hungrily at donuts

Orihime and Riruka talk over doughnuts.

Riruka enters Yukio's Fullbring with a box of doughnuts. Seeing Orihime crouched on the floor watching Ichigo and Kūgo fighting, she asks why she is sitting on the floor. Orihime replies that there are no walls or pillars to lean on. Riruka demands that Yukio quickly create a table and chairs for her and Orihime. He refuses, but when Orihime politely asks for a chair for herself, he accedes to the request. As she is eating her doughnuts, Riruka notices Orihime staring longingly at them. Initially refusing to give her any, she soon relents. Orihime wolfs the whole thing, leading to Riruka criticizing her and wondering how her parents cope with her. Orihime reveals that Sora took her away when she was a baby because he feared they would kill her. Riruka asks if he supports her, but she tells him that he died and that a distant relative supports her financially. Riruka says that she is no fun to talk with and starts to leave. She tells Orihime that there must be something wrong with her to be able to talk so nonchalantly about it. However, Orihime replies that she has already been saved and that she can talk as she had been doing because of Ichigo. Riruka replies that she is stupid and that she did not ask and was not listening. When Orihime points out there are still some doughnuts left, she tells her that she can have them instead. Orihime thanks her and tells her that she is really nice.[236]


Orihime is trapped by Yukio.

When Kūgo slashes Ichigo's eyes, Orihime tries to help him, but Kūgo stops her. He tells her to watch and notes that when Ichigo lost his powers he also lost his resolve. He tells Ichigo that he will bring that back to him.[237] Yukio traps her inside a cage at Kūgo's behest. He tells Orihime that her voice cannot be heard from outside the cage and that it cannot be broken due to the game's rules. He then notices that he cannot hear her either.[238] After Ichigo completes his Fullbring, Orihime awakens in a house inside of Yukio's Fullbring. She gets up and brushes her teeth before looking out the window at Ichigo's training. Riruka comes in and brings her breakfast without knocking first and Orihime tells her that she came in before she said alright. Riruka tells her to shut up and gives her her breakfast. Orihime excitedly asks Riruka to join her but Riruka says she just had doughnuts. Orihime grabs her hot dog and says that Riruka eats a lot of doughnuts before taking a bite.[239] She later leaves Yukio's Fullbring along with Ichigo and Sado.[240]


Orihime's Santen Kesshun protects Tsukishima.

After Tsukishima invites several people over to Ichigo's house, he calls Orihime, who does not remember him when he says hello. He then reminds her and invites her to Ichigo's house but their conversation is interrupted when Ichigo throws Tsukishima.[241] As Ichigo attacks Tsukishima at his mansion, Sado attacks him and after the smoke clears from his attack, Orihime stands next to Tsukishima along with Sado.[242] Orihime heals Tsukishima's arm then and he compliments her abilities much to Ichigo's annoyance.[243] Orihime asks Ichigo if he has forgotten bout how Tsukishima saved Rukia and how he stopped Aizen, showing that her and Sado's memories have been altered by Tsukishima's abilities.[244] Orihime later protects Tsukishima when an enraged Ichigo attacks him before Sado begins battling him.[245]


Orihime at a breaking point due to Book of the End.

Later, Orihime runs to Ichigo, who she had heard crying. She wonders why Ichigo and Tsukishima are fighting when they are "best friends". She notes that Tsukishima has always been there for her and that she has known him longer than Ichigo. She asks why she feels so much pain when Ichigo cries. She spots Ichigo and is relieved to see that he is not crying. She also notices Rukia, Renji and Hitsugaya and assumes that they are there to stop Ichigo. Sado notes that they look as if they intend to help Ichigo and kill Kūgo. Tsukishima abruptly re-appears behind the two, senses the uncertainty between Orihime and Sado, and begins to push more thoughts to her head. As a result, she is nearly pushed to the brink of mental breakdown before she is knocked out and rendered unconscious by Urahara.[246] They are brought to Urahara's shop and after Tsukishima is defeated, they become stable. They are left in the care of Tessai and Isshin.[247]

At Urahara's Shop Orihime is laying on her side, facing Riruka. She's happy that Riruka has woken back up. She tells her that they couldn't find any of the other Fullbringers, but at least she is alright. Riruka asks about Tsukishima, but Orihime says she doesn't know who that is - an unwitting confirmation that Tsukishima was killed. In the revelation, Riruka starts tearing up. Despite her denying it and Orihime telling her not to, the two end up shedding tears together.[248]

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc

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While Ichigo is fighting the Hollows that attacked Ryūnosuke Yuki and Shino, Orihime arrives with Uryū and Chad, and they help him in the fight. Orihime gives an injured Ryūnosuke first aid and heals him after the battle. Two days later, they arrive at Ichigo's house and Orihime brings Ichigo what she calls delicious bread. She then looks at the cola that Shino dropped.[249] Orihime, along with the others, are surprised by Asguiaro's sudden appearance wonders who he is.[250] Ichigo then asks for Asguiaro to get off of his bed and retaliates with a kick when Asguiaro refuses. Orihime silently opens the window allowing Asguiaro to fall from it, also allowing him and Ichigo to begin their fight.[251] She praises Uryū by remarking the advance of his and Ichigo's friendship. When Ichigo returns, Orihime learns about the death of Chōjirō Tadaoki Sasakibe.[252]

Orihime, Sado, and Uryū return to Ichigo's house at his request to hear from Nel Tu and Pesche about the Vandenreich's conquest of Hueco Mundo and capture of various Arrancar, including Dondochakka. The group begin to discuss rescuing them when Urahara arrives and offers to facilitate their entry to Hueco Mundo.[253] Along with Ichigo, Sado, Urahara, Nel and Pesche, Orihime travels to Hueco Mundo. The group exit the Garganta in the sky, so Orihime breaks their fall with her Shun Shun Rikka. Once on the ground, they notice the large number of dead bodies. When Ichigo goes to rescue a group of captured Arrancar, Orihime sets off in pursuit.[254] As Ichigo begins to yell at Nel, Orihime tells him to be quiet if they don't want Vandenreich to spot them.[255] While facing the Quincy, Ichigo throws Nel at Orihime, telling her to take care of Nel.[256]


As Ichigo fights Quilge Opie, he activates his Quincy: Vollständig.[257] Orihime notes that she cannot sense a shockwave of Reishi, nor can she sense any Reiatsu from Quilge's Quincy: Vollständig.[258] During his fight with Ichigo, Quilge begins to absorb Reishi from his surroundings, including Orihime's Santen Kesshun, which surprises her. Sado notes that everything around them composed of Reishi, including the rocks, sand, trees, and buildings, are being absorbed by Quilge's technique. Orihime then understands why she couldn't sense a shockwave of Reishi, since Quincy don't emit Reishi, but absorb it.[259] Emilou Apacci, Franceska Mila Rose, and Cyan Sung-Sun regain consciousness and summon Ayon, who attacks Quilge,[260] and begins to pummel him under the three Arrancar's orders.[261] Ayon attacks Quilge to the point of breaking his neck, horrifying Orihime. With Quilge's neck broken and Ayon continuing to attack him relentlessly, Sado tells the three Arrancar that Ayon's attacks are going too far. With Quilge's body thrown to the ground, the three Arrancar approach him, but Quilge stabs Apacci and stands back up, snapping his neck back into place.[262]

Ayon retaliates and tries to attack Quilge, but he uses Sklaverei to absorb the Reishi making up Ayon's body, causing Mila Rose and Sung-Sun to retrieve Apacci and try to conceal themselves, along with Sado, Orihime, and Nel, with Muda. Within Muda's dome, Mila Rose recognizes Orihime as the Human that Aizen abducted, and asks why they have returned to Hueco Mundo. Sung-Sun dismisses Mila Rose's question, knowing that they need to regroup with Ichigo. However, Quilge is able to locate them easily, and his Sklaverei not only affects Mila Rose and Sung-Sun, but Orihime and Sado as well. Ichigo then activates his Bankai and attacks Quilge, stopping his attack on his friends and the Arrancar, reasoning that if he crushes Quilge's head, he won't be able to use Sklaverei any more.[263] As Ichigo fights Quilge, he enrages him, causing Urahara to wound Quilge, so Ichigo can go to the Soul Society.[264] Orihime and Sado approach Urahara soon after. Urahara asks them to search Quilge's body for the medallion he used to try to seal Ichigo's Bankai, as they need to analyze the enemy.[265] However, as Urahara is explaining Quilge's powers to Akon, Quilge recovers using Ransōtengai and wounds Sado and Urahara before proceeding to trap Ichigo in a cage of Reishi.[266] After Quilge traps Ichigo, he turns his head towards Orihime and Sado.[267]

Powers & Abilities


One half of the Shun Shun Rikka in their sealed state.

Shun Shun Rikka (盾舜六花, Six Flowers of the Hibiscus Shield; Viz: Six Princess Shielding Flowers): Orihime's spirit energy was harbored in the pair of hairpins that she got from her brother. The Shun Shun Rikka appeared in the form of six spirits. She has four techniques that use the spirits in combination with a spirit chant and the technique name.[268] Only spiritually aware beings can see them.[269] They reside in her hair-clips which are shaped like six-petaled flowers, each fairy is two points on a given clip when inactive.[270] Through various combinations of the six fairies, Orihime has the power to reject fate by denying or undoing events in various forms. This power can be used for attack, defense, or healing (depending on the combination). Orihime's determinations directly influences the effectiveness of her powers. Feelings like doubt or worry make them weaker, while conviction makes them stronger.

The Visored Hachigen Ushōda comments that her hair pins, being the physical manifestation of her powers, is very much like the Zanpakutō of a Shinigami and that her powers resemble his own powers.[271] The Arrancar, Tesra, when holding Orihime captive, warns her not to try to attack him as he can easily break the physical container of her Shun Shun Rikka, the hair pins themselves, stating that they are ridiculously weak.[272] Sōsuke Aizen, in his explanation of the Hōgyoku, says that her powers were actually awakened from the Hōgyoku when she cursed her powerlessness with all her heart and the Hōgyoku answered her desire.[273]

The fairies are separate manifestations of Orihime's spirit, each with its own unique appearance and personality, and each named after a flower:


Bleach others0065


Ayame has a quiet personality. She is covered in a dress larger than her body. She's in charge of the Shun Shun Rikka's healing ability along with Shun'ō.[274]

Bleach others0063



Baigon is a bald male spirit with a mask that covers the bottom of his face. Baigon is partly responsible for Shun Shun Rikka's defense. He is brawny and has a large body.[274]

Bleach others0062



Hinagiku is a highly energetic male spirit with a large eye patch that ends in a horn. Hinagiku is part of the Shun Shun Rikka's defense.[274]

Bleach others0064



Lily is a female spirit with bright pink hair, transparent yellow goggles, and a blue bathing suit. She has a tattoo on her backside. Lily is part of the Shun Shun Rikka's defense. She has a futuristic style.[274]




Shun'ō is a friendly young male spirit (who appears to be female in the anime) with a topknot. He and Tsubaki are usually the ones who talk to Orihime. He is capable of healing together with Ayame.[274]

Bleach others0061



Tsubaki is a fiery male spirit who is the only Shun Shun Rikka capable of direct attack. He often strikes anyone who gets on his nerves (including Orihime). Because he is primarily focused on attacking, he is vulnerable to counter-attacks and has been injured several times. The stronger Orihime's anger and killing intent, the more powerful he becomes. However, Orihime's timid nature limits his overall power and has contributed to his injuries in the past. At one point, Tsubaki was killed by the Espada Yammy Llargo, who crushed Tsubaki into tiny pieces. Orihime was distraught by this, and since the pieces were too small to find, she couldn't bring Tsubaki back. But due to meeting Hachi, who said Orihime's powers were similar to his, Tsubaki is restored by Hachi despite having no pieces of him.[275][274]


Orihime's techniques involve incantations manipulating the Shun Shun Rikka into different groups. Though Orihime initially needed to recite their kotodama to use her techniques, further training has rendered this unnecessary. Her kotodama consists of voicing the names of the members involved, followed by the technique name and the phrase "I reject" (私は拒絶する, watashi wa kyozetsu suru), a reference to the nature of her powers.[276]


Santen Kesshun.

  • Santen Kesshun (三天結盾, Three Sacred Links Shield): is Orihime's defensive technique. The power to repel attacks by placing a shield between the enemy and Orihime.[274] The incantation arranges Hinagiku, Lily and Baigon into a triangle that has the ability to repel the "outer shield." A 'shield' is raised between her and her enemy, and they repel the attack she receives.[277] Because the barrier rejects negative events, it can also function as an airbag of sorts, allowing Orihime and anyone else nearby to survive a potentially lethal fall unharmed. Orihime is later able to shape Santen Kesshun into a dome shape barrier large enough to easily hold herself and other individuals.[278]


Sōten Kisshun.

  • Sōten Kisshun (双天帰盾, Twin Sacred Return Shield): is Orihime's "healing" technique. The power to surround something and return it to the way it was before it was destroyed.[274] It rejects, reverses, and reconstructs phenomena that have occurred. Even for phenomena that she hasn't witnessed, when Sōten Kisshun is used, she can reject and reconstruct subjects that are covered in her shield.[279] The incantation summons Ayame and Shun'ō to form a half-oval barrier around whatever or whomever Orihime wishes. Their ability is to repel the "inner shield." The shield placed inside means that they repel the damage within a limited area. In other words, they return a subject covered by the shield to the state that they were before taking damage.[280] Orihime is capable of fully restoring Grimmjow's destroyed arm from nothing, to which Sōsuke Aizen deduces this as "The Rejection of Events". Her ability is to limit, reject, and negate any kind of event that has happened to her target. It is an ability that returns her target to its former state no matter what has happened to them. Yasochika Iemura comments that the technique's healing speed is potentially faster than Isane Kotetsu and his own.[281] However, it is far more powerful than "Temporal Regression" or "Spatial Regression" as it easily tramples into the horizon of events that God has decided. It is a power that trespasses into God's territory.[282] Originally Orihime wasn't able to restore a destroyed Tsubaki but Hachigen Ushōda states that her reiatsu she should have powers very close to his own, therefore she should be able to restore him to his original form even without a shattered fragment.[283] Later, she is fully capable of resurrecting the dead.[284] While Orihime can heal wounds quickly, it takes her longer to replenish the patient's Reiatsu.[285] Large amounts of foreign spiritual pressure around a wound makes her power to reject ineffective.[286]


Koten Zanshun.

  • Koten Zanshun (孤天斬盾, Solitary Sacred Cutting Shield): is Orihime's offensive technique. The power to reject the fusion of matter and split it.[274] The incantation summons Tsubaki who has the ability to repel "both sides of the shield." He breaks through the enemy, puts up a shield inside, and repels the combined substance, thus splitting the enemy in two.[287] While Tsubaki can cut through basically anything, Orihime's general dislike of combat and hesitance to use lethal force degrades the effectiveness of the technique, making him easy to counter and equally easy to injure.


Shiten Kōshun.

  • Shiten Kōshun (四天抗盾, Shield of Four Heavens' Resistance): is one of Orihime's techniques that combines both offensive and defensive properties. The incantation integrates Tsubaki into the center of her Santen Kesshun ability, creating a pyramidal shield that at the very instant of receiving an attack, disperses the resultant force as a concentrated explosion that is automatically returned along the attack's opposing trajectory.[288]


Spiritual Awareness: Orihime has keen senses in detecting spiritual energy, as such that she can sense Hollows and ongoing battles at a significant distance. If she concentrates, she can sense Reiatsu of people even within protective barriers.[289]

Spiritual Power: Orihime is also able to get close to several battles between powerful opponents without being overwhelmed, such as the battles between Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, as well as Ichigo and Ulquiorra. During her basic training in Kidō with Kūkaku Shiba, it was shown that Orihime has a natural talent for precise spiritual energy control as she quickly mastered the technique.

Durability: Orihime is at least strong enough to survive separate assaults by Loly and Menoly, which involved physical attacks and the use of Bala,[290] and minor assaults by Nnoitra and Tesra. It is also stated by a few people that she has a strong head.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: While a pacifist by nature, Orihime has shown to have a natural talent for martial arts. She reveals that Tatsuki has trained her somewhat in karate. According to Tatsuki, Orihime has the fighting skill of a black belt. Orihime is at least strong enough to incapacitate two unseated Shinigami soldiers when she surprise attacks them.[291][292]

Memory Chikan Resistance: Orihime was able to recall the event of her brother fighting Ichigo Kurosaki, even though the memory chikan has been used on her by Rukia.[293]

Appearances in Other Media

  • Orihime has appeared in every Bleach video game to date, mostly as a playable character. Several of these games have expanded her Shun Shun Rikka's abilities, which she uses her Santen Kesshun for offensive tactics. In games where she is a supporting character, she normally uses her healing ability to replenish the life of the character. Orihime has also appeared in all four Bleach movies.


  • According to her character profile by Tite Kubo, her theme song is T'en va pas by Elsa.[2]
  • She ranked 8th in the most recent Bleach popularity poll[294] (she placed highly in previous polls placing 5th, 12th and 10th).
  • Her Shun Shun Rikka came 33rd tying with 2 others in the Zanpakutō popularity poll.
  • The color of Orihime's eyes vary from the manga to the anime. They are shown as brown in the manga while the anime depicts them as silver or gray.


  • "I was proud of my hair color that my brother admired. I was happy to be told such things, so I grew my hair out ever since I was little. Soon after I entered middle school, 3rd years said they didn't like my hair color and cut it. I had no choice but to cut the rest short to even it out. I couldn't tell brother. "I felt like changing it" is what I said to dodge the question. Then my brother died soon after. I became alone. I stopped talking, even at school, and became more alone than ever before. The one who stopped me from being that way was Tatsuki-chan. Tatsuki-chan yelled at me for backing down and she looked out for me. I could grow my hair out again thanks to her. I will never have short hair again, because my long hair is proof of my faith in Tatsuki-chan."[295]
  • (Thinking about Tatsuki Arisawa) "Thank you, Tatsuki. Please do not worry, Tatsuki. Because Tatsuki will come find me, that's why I can go anywhere without worry. If the place I'm going is somewhere Tatsuki can't go, then please wait for me here, I will come back for sure. Come back to Tatsuki's side."[297]
  • (To Rukia Kuchiki) "It's not frustrating at all. It's just... it's going to be lonely, not being able to fight alongside everyone. But being lonely isn't nearly as bad as being in the way. If I'm just going to be a hindrance to Kurosaki-kun, to everyone, then it's far better to be lonely"[298]
  • (To Ichigo Kurosaki, who is asleep) "Kurosaki-kun, you know I had a lot of things I wanted to do... I want to be a teacher... I also want to be an astronaut... and also make my own cake shop... I want to go to the sweets bakery and say 'I want one of everything'... Ohhhh, I wish I could live life five times over. Then I’d be born in five different places, and I’d stuff myself with different food from around the world... I’d live five different lives with five different occupations... and then, for those five times... I’d fall in love with the same person..."[299]
  • "I don't believe that he showed me the Hōgyoku because he trusts me... but, at least I have learned the location of the Hōgyoku... and... about my own power, too. Everything that has occurred... it reverses it all, and destroys the very event itself. Thank you, Kurosaki-kun, for coming to save me, but I've found something I must do here. And it's definitely...something only I can do. With my power... I will return the Hōgyoku to before it ever existed!"[300]
  • (To Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck) "Kurosaki-kun... doesn't assure us he is going to win for that reason. Kurosaki-kun is a kind person. Whenever he uses strong words, it's like he's making a promise. I believe that, he makes a promise to himself. I think that he expresses his feelings in words so that he will follow through. So that's why it's okay. When Kurosaki-kun says he is going to win, he'll win for sure. that's why we should wait and believe in him."[301]
  • (To Ulquiorra Cifer) "Maybe it's impossible to feel exactly the same way as another person, but it's possible for people to care about one another and to place their hearts as close together as they can manage. I'm sure that's what it means to make your hearts as one."[302]
  • (To Ichigo Kurosaki) "Do not die! Kurosaki-kun! You don't have to win... You don't even have to do your best... Just don't get hurt anymore..."[303]


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