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Raising Heart
Raising Heart
Raising Heart Exelion in Axel Mode.

Reijingu Hāto


Raising Heart Exelion[1] (レイジングハート・エクセリオン, Reijingu Hāto Ekuserion)

Device Info

Nanoha Takamachi


Female Female



Device Statistics
Magic System


Magic Color

Cherry blossom




• Weapon
• Auxiliary control (SAFM)

Voiced By

Donna Burke


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Episode #1
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's Episode #1
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode #1


A's THE COMICS Chapter #0
StrikerS THE COMICS Chapter #1
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid Chapter #1
Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force Chapter #0

Sound Stage

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Sound Stage 01


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st


The Battle of Aces

Raising Heart (レイジングハート, Reijingu Hāto) is Nanoha Takamachi's Intelligent Device, and is upgraded to Raising Heart Exelion[1] (レイジングハート・エクセリオン, Reijingu Hāto Ekuserion) in A's. She refers to Nanoha as "master" and only speaks English. Her magical color is magenta. As an intelligent device, she provides assistance and advice in the processing of magical attacks and fire control.


Early fansubs rendered Raising Heart's name as "Raging Heart". The official spelling has since been confirmed as "Raising Heart" in the bonus information card that accompanied the anime DVDs. While the English release started out using "Raging Heart", it switched to "Raising Heart" later on; with the subtitles, only the first disc (containing the first five episodes) uses "Raging", but the dub only changes to the correct terminology upon the beginning of A's.

The different spellings exist because the character "ジ" is treated differently in different systems of romanizing Japanese. The seldom-used Kunrei system renders it as zi, while the more common Hepburn system renders it as ji. However, the consonant at the beginning of the syllable is neither English z, nor English j but a sound that does not occur in English; the closest English sound is that of j. Thus the English pronunciation of "Raging Heart" is probably the closest to the original Japanese pronunciation of the name. It is possible that the creators intended it to be the Device's name, and the final official English spelling is an artifact.

The word "heart" in her name stems from the fact that the original design of Raising Heart, as seen in the Lyrical Toy Box, did include a large heart-shaped crystal, which was replaced with a red sphere in the MGLN version.



Standalone Flight Mode

So far, Raising Heart appeared in the original series, the A's manga, A's, StrikerS manga, StrikerS, and ViVid, and Force.

Raising Heart first appears in the first episode of the original series, carried by Yuuno Scrya (though it remains in Standby Mode and displays little power in his hands) before he gives it to Nanoha. In The MOVIE 1st, Yuuno is explained to be only a "Guest" user (外部使用者) instead of registering as her Master. For a Guest, only the searching and sealing functions could be used.

The exact origins of Raising Heart are a mystery. She was obtained by Yuuno by chance while exploring some ruins. No other users have been registered to her before Yuuno,[2] and her AI could not be activated fully before her acquisition by Nanoha.[3]

Raising Heart Exelion is the upgraded form of Raising Heart. In A's, after being badly damaged in the first engagement against Vita and Graf Eisen, she insisted on being retrofitted with the Belkan cartridge system. She is capable of a larger range of attacks with cartridges (loaded in magazines akin to those used in modern automatic weapons), and was officially renamed, though Nanoha still only addresses her informally as Raising Heart. When in battle Nanoha will generally call out her full name with the added Exelion.

In Force, Raising Heart Exelion is further upgraded to be able to assume the Standalone Flight Mode, since Nanoha needs both hands to control her Fortress and Strike Cannon simultaneously.


Primary continuity

Raising Heart has assumed following forms/modes in the primary continuity:

Form Description Appearances
Raising Heart (レイジングハート)
Standby Mode
Raising Heart's unactivated form is a gem-like red sphere about 1.5cm in diameter. In this form it can perform some assistant magics as well as image training for Nanoha. Nanoha (ep.1) — A's
Device Mode
Raising Heart's default form, a white-and-pink staff capped by a red jewel suspended within a partial gold ring with two exhaust valves (somewhat resembling the staff used by Wavemasters in .hack). Nanoha (ep.1) — A's
Shooting Mode
The gold section of Raising Heart's head dematerialises, then reforms into a more square shape with two prongs. This form can use Divine Buster. Nanoha (ep.3) — A's
Sealing Mode
The head of Device Mode extends away from the main body, and two energy wings spread from the gap. This form can use Sealing and Starlight Breaker. Nanoha (ep.2) — A's
Raising Heart Exelion (レイジングハート・エクセリオン)
Standby Mode
Identical in appearance to Raising Heart's original Standby Mode. This form can generate a Barrier Jacket without being released and is occasionally seen floating under its own power. In ViVid, it is usually seen with two light fins (similar to Flier Fin) while doing so. A's (ep.4) — present
Axel Mode
Mid-range high-speed combat mode. Identical to Device Mode, except for the addition of a Cartridge System resembling a rifle magazine. A's (ep.4) — present
Buster Mode
Improved version of Shooting Mode. In StrikerS, the Accelerate Charge System is also available under this mode, with three mana wings.[4] A's (ep.7) — present
Exelion Mode[1]
The head of Buster Mode widens and extends away from the body, its prongs move closer together, and a set of fins sprout from the gaps. The end result resembles a golden spearhead set with a jewel, which generates two sets of energy wings when in use. The butt of Exelion Mode is a equipped with a rocket engine as part of its Accelerate Charge System. This form can use Exelion Buster. A's (ep.11) — StrikerS
Exceed Mode
Replacement to Exelion Mode in StrikerS, which is assumed to be the "reinforcement" to Raising Heart's frame Amy Limietta spoke of in A's. StrikerS (ep.12) — present
Blaster Mode
Addition to Exceed Mode with three levels. The first level increases Nanoha's power dramatically while damaging the health of both her and the device. The second and third levels generate Blaster Bits (two and four respectively) which can duplicate her spells or attack independently, at the cost of increased strain. StrikerS (ep.23) — present
Standalone Flight Mode
Tandoku Hikō Keitai
Resembles a larger version of a Blaster Bit. While still fulfilling all her functions as an Intelligent Device, Raising Heart floats in the air and can be used as a magic "staff", a mobile shield, or a cutting weapon using the new blade edges. The need for such upgrade arose because Nanoha's new Strike Cannon requires both hands to wield.[5] Force (ch.11) — present

The Exelion Mode may have been named after either a battleship from Gunbuster or Excellen Browning from Super Robot Wars. Supporting the latter, Nanoha's Barrier Jacket resembles Excellen's mech the Weissritter, and after the airing of A's, Super Robot Wars introduced a character named Haken Browning in a possible reference to Bardiche's Haken Form.

Blaster System's Blaster Bits are based on the bits and funnels used in Mobile Suit Gundam. As the weapons of Amuro Ray's ultimate mecha, this would seem the logical extension of Nanoha's "Gundam-like" design.

Movie continuity

The available forms/modes have been altered slightly in the movie continuity:

Form Description Appearances
Raising Heart (レイジングハート)
Standby Mode
Equivalent to Standby Mode of the original series. The MOVIE 1stThe MOVIE 2nd A's
Device Mode
Equivalent to Device Mode of the original series. Blue parts are added to the neck and tail of the staff body.
Canon Mode
Fills the function of Shooting and Sealing Modes of the original series. Besides the extra blue and white parts, there is also an extra 180°-turnable trigger unit (firing grip) on the neck of the staff body.
Raising Heart Exelion (レイジングハート・エクセリオン)
Standby Mode
Equivalent to Standby Mode of the original series. The MOVIE 2nd A's
Axel Mode
Being the upgrade of Device Mode; equivalent to Axel Mode of the original series.
Bustercanon Mode
Being the upgrade of Canon Mode; equivalent to Buster Mode of the original series.
Exelion Mode
Being the Full Drive of Raising Heart Exelion; equivalent to Exelion Mode of the original series.


Upgrade Description Appearances
Auto Guard
Nanoha's Auto Guard spell is Protection. Nanoha — present
Cartridge System
Belkan Cartridge System CVK792-A, hextuple automatic type. A's (ep.4) — present
The "rifle magazine" used for reloading in the Cartridge System. Also used as a sub-grip in Buster Mode. A's (ep.4) — present
Accelerate Charge System
Allows rapid acceleration while in Exelion/Exceed Mode. When active, Raising Heart generates 6 light wings and a Strike Flame bayonet from her tip. A's (ep.11) — present
Blaster System
Enhances powers greatly at the cost of the lives of caster and Device. The research of the system is already started at the time of the Unbreakable Dark Incident (post-A's).[8] StrikerS (ep.23) — present
Blaster Bits
Drones capable of independent attack which resemble the head part of Raising Heart, made from the same materials as her frame. StrikerS (ep.25) — present

Raising Heart's special attack is Starlight Breaker. In the manga, Nanoha comments that Raising Heart is "so finely tuned in her functions that the TSAB maintenance staff has a hard time with her."


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