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Reki Anime Debut




Other Name(s)

"Yada" (by Kinji in the light novel Volume 12 )

Personal Info

Female Female


16 years old


152 cm




Half-Mongolian, Half-Japanese



Current Status

Alive (Active)


Tokyo Butei High School

Butei Statistics


Skill Rank

Rank S

Professional Status
  • High School Student
  • Butei

Team Baskerville

  • Killing Range 2051m
  • Animal Taming
  • Eyesight 6.0
  • L-snipe
  • Eight Ship Leap
  • Dragunov Sniper Rifle
  • Bayonet
  • Sennheiser PMX990 (Headphones)
Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Kaori Ishihara

Light Novel

Aria the Scarlet Ammo Volume 01


Aria the Scarlet Ammo Episode #3


Aria the Scarlet Ammo Chapter #8


Butei's Going on a Hot Spring Training Camp

"I am a single bullet..."

Reki (レキ; (蕾姫), Reki)is the Snipe department's ace. She is a S ranked Butei. Her real name is unknown. She's habitually taciturn, constantly impassive and indifferent in fashion. She's always seen with a large headphone over her head. Her signature quote is "I am a single bullet. It has no heart. Therefore, it does not think. It just flies straight towards its target" (and in japanese : "私は一発の銃弾、銃弾は人の心を持たない。故に、何も考えない。ただ、目的に向かって飛ぶだけ" Watashi wa ippatsu no jūdan, jūdan wa hito no kokoro o motanai. Yueni, nani mo kangaenai. Tada, mokuteki ni mukatte tobu dake), and she always says it before she shoots her target.


Reki has a very light shade of blue-green, similar to aquamarine, her hair color is actually been affected by long years of exposure to Ririirokane. She stands at a similar height to Aria and is very petite. It is somewhat unknown what her diet is. She constantly keeps headphones around, and Nakasorachi Misaki identified the brand as a Sennheiser PMX990 which is known for "it's high clarity and can accentuate the higher pitches". She constantly wears them on her head during a mission to "keep her soul intact".

As quoted by Kinji, Reki was "not as flat as Aria, but not as well endowed as Shirayuki". Her skin is somewhat pale, and her eyes are a bright yellow, similar to Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


True to her nickname as "Robot Reki", Reki is usually shown to be practically emotionless. She is very quiet and reserved, often not speaking more than she needs to. However, this is not due to her lack of emotions. Rather, it's just that she doesn't really know what emotions are. She doesn't understand them, nor does she know how to truly express them. This was revealed during the events of Light Novel Volume 6, Chapter 4.

She is also similar to Kinji in the aspect of social standing. She can be referred to as even more socially introverted than Kinji.

She is very stubborn or very steadfast when it comes to specific things. Examples of this are when she believes her rifle will not misfire. Her attitude is obsessive to the point where her constant maintenence reduces the possibility of a misfire even lower than it already is.

Kinji has pointed out that she seems to be "delusional" due to her taking orders from her supposed master, the "wind".


Reki is descended from Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Gengis Khan, and hails from a tribe in Mongolia, referred to several times as the Ulus. She lived with 46 other females in seclusion. Why she was released and not the others is unknown.

Reki is part of a family that appears to have an interesting flaw. Her tribe apparently has a genetic problem that takes affect on the pregnant women of the civilization. As such, only the female gender will be born to the tribe. As such a result, Reki's tribe is constantly on the lookout for strong males to introduce into the Ulus, in the hopes to make their descendants stronger. This becomes clarified in the Epilogue of Light Novel Volume 6.

Reki is the Snipe department's prodigy, and her proficiency in the field has been mentioned numerous times in the past. However, due to her skill, she seems to have performed "unrecorded" jobs in other countries, namely Russia and China. "Sweeper" is mentioned by Jeanne, where it is implied that she has actually performed as a Butei assassin.


She plays a minor role in the series, usually providing covering fire for Aria and Kinji when they are fighting at a close range, or saving them during times of troubles, up until the events at the end of volume 5, when she holds Kinji at gunpoint on the rooftop of Butei High, she kisses Kinji and proposes to him, with her Dragunov pointed at him, in order to force him into marriage. She also reveals that she already knows about IU and Hysteria Mode. Her ancestors were revealed to be Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Genghis Khan.

She is a member of the Ulus Tribe, a small group with roots in the Samurai and have a genetic condition that causes only females to be born. The reason of her marrying Kinji was because of the Tribe tradition of inmigrating a strong opposite sex to continue their lineage.

Volume 6 continues this, and they have a "Manhunt" in which Reki is successful in making Kinji surrender and accept the proposal by threatening his life. Trying to ge tout of her Sniper Restriction, Kinji tries to use Lima Syndrome, where the capturer develops sympathy for the captured, in order to convice her to go free. He first tries to give her human emotion by taking her on a date during Caravan I. During the night, a sniper, that exceeded Reki's Killing Range, attacks them, ending with Reki being severely wounded. and Haimaki being left behind. Kinji takes Reki and they rush to the Hotogi Shrine where they are treated.

In Volume 7, Chapter 3, one of the CaoCao sisters, Juujuu, held Kinji on gunpoint and ordered Reki to kill herself in exchange of not killing Kinji. She said that the 'wind' trained Reki well to the extent that she lost her human heart, making Reki useless to her. Reki ask is she would keep her word, and Juujuu replied that she did not want to kill Kinji, claiming that she could use him. Reki then pointed the barrel of her Dragunov Sniper rifle on her head, ignoring Kinji's pleas for her to stop. Reki told Kinji that the girls of Ulus are equal to bullets, and she was a defective, unusable bullet, and in order for her to protect her lord (Kinji), she must shoot herself.

She pressed the trigger only to be suprised that her most trusted gun did not release a bullet, resulting into a misfire, which is, according to Kinji, a one in a trillion chance because when it comes to Reki. This marks the first time her Dragunov failed her. According to Riko, Kinji expected Reki to commit seppuku with her own gun and took steps to make sure that Reki's Dragunov would misfire just once by diassembling her Dragunov and removing the primer of the bullet.

Before Reki could attempt another shot, Kinji removed the last bullet from her Dragunov before ordering her to not shoot for a second time. Kinji reminded her that she promise him that she would listen to his orders and told her that the person who she should shoot at was the enemy, and that she should believe in him.

Kinji was able to protect Reki from the bullet of Juujuu's sniper rifle, giving Reki enough time to aim her gun. She then said a quote that is different to her signature quote, which is the same as Kinji's words to her:

"In the midst of this darkness. A path of light exists--outside of the light, nothing can be seen, nothing exists. I----am one who runs in the midst of that light."

She then defeated Juujuu with the same technique she use to take down Haimaki.

Reki is then enlisted in "Team Baskerville", along with Aria, Kinji, Shirayuki, and Riko, as Snipe.

In Volume 8, she acts as the representative of Ulus, and choosing the Deen affiliation along with Kinji. Reki also starts showing some human emotion.

In Volume 12 of the light novels, she was named "Yada" by Kinji when she followed him to his new school.


While her main weapon is known to be a Dragunov sniper rifle with a bayonet, she has a surprising change of inventory during Volume 10. She had obtained permission through Hiraga Aya to use a Barett M82 sniper rifle.


She also has a deep understanding of animal physiology, being able to shoot at an animal's spinal cord to paralyze them temporarily. She eventually tames a wolf in a matter of 5 minutes, which she later named Haimaki, and trains it to be a butei dog. From then on, she lives together with Haimaki in her own room in a girl's dormitory. Kinji visited her room at least twice up to Volume 6. He commented how bare and simple it is. She also sleeps upright with the Dragunov on her hands, perhaps to prevent an ambush attack according to Kinji. Reki apparently doesn't possess any clothing other than several school uniforms in which she alternately wears, so Kinji bought her a casual one as a present, as a part of his Lima syndrome plan. Reki cleans up nicely. In fact, Kinji was left speechless after witnessing her dressed-up appearance in Volume 6.

She is able to shoot anything within a 2 km radius without missing her target.

She thoroughly handloads and inspects every bullet that she puts into her sniper rifle, to go for as telling Kinji to not breath so it doesn't affect it's trajectory because of loose water particles. Only 1 out of 20 bullets pass her inspection. There is a hidden camera in her Dragunov's 6× scope and has used 2 out of 3 DAL bullets. She only accepts any mission under three conditions. Those conditions being: 1. It is specifically requested by a teacher. 2. Missions that offer and LD score of 900+ and 3. "Eagle Eye" (observation/stake-out) missions that involve either Aria, Shirayuki, or Kinji.

Being the best Sniper in Tokyo Butei High, she is extremely powerful when wielding her Dragunov. She has the capacity shoot an explosive's adhesive latch without detonating it while lying down on a high-speed helicopter. She can create wounds that are exactly 3 mm deep, 3 inches long and 3 inches wide with one bullet on a wolf's 4 legs. Her estimated "Kill Range" has been approximated as 2050 meters wide, making her one of the world's most lethal Snipers.

Despite her long-range proficiency, she has no clue as to the aspects of hand-to-hand combat. This was shown on the day of "Water Tossing" in Light Novel Volume 6, Chapter 2. However, her close range combat is actually very powerful when she affixes a bayonet to the front of her Dragunov, becoming dangerous enough to potentially kill Aria, who is a Quadra and is proficient in a hand-to-hand combat style known as Vale Tudo and wields twin Kodachi.


Team Baskerville

Kinji Tohyama

Kinji obviously means a lot to Reki, Being that Kinji was the first person to instill human emotions within her, he is very meaningful to her. Later on, Reki has shown to be quite attached and attracted to Kinji, and this is most shown in the events of Volume 9, Chapter 4. Reki is also impossibly loyal to Kinji, as since her culture has called for such drastic actions, she was willing to die for him in the tradition of the "Last Bullet". She never acts flustered around him, even when something happens involving her that may initiate Hysteria Mode, even though she knows about it, although this may be attributed to her general lack of emotions.

However, because she is fiercely loyal, the events of Volume 6 Chapter 1 has made it obvious that she was obviously not willing to relinquish Kinji. Combining the male and female tendencies of her culture, she had perfectly forced Kinji into a "marriage" and "relationship" and afterwards successfully followed his every order from then onwards.

Aria H. Kanzaki

Reki is the only other person who can fit the qualifications of Aria, and as such, they are somwhat more friendly than Reki is to others. Aria also views her as a good friend, for that sole reason. They are the only people, and both girls at that, in Butei High that have an S-Rank.

However, Reki and Aria are both rivals in terms of Kinji's affections, and Reki's somewhat recent moves on Kinji had emotionally disturbed Aria to an amazing point. They are stubborn when it comes to this matter, as shown in the events of Volume 7, Chapter 3.

Shirayuki Hotogi

Riko Mine



Haimaki, to Reki, is as loyal as Reki is to Kinji. Haimaki risked his life multiple times, and the events Volume 6, Chapter 4 was the most touching and loyal act so far.

Reki shows gratitude towards Haimaki in her very slight expressions.


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Reki's appearance in the light novel.
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