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Personal Info

Female Female

  • 6-7 years old (debut)
  • 8-9 years old (after timeskip)


Current Status

Alive (Active)

  • Unnamed Father (deceased)
  • Ririka (mother)

East Blue

Professional Status




Base of Operations

Marine 153rd Branch

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Emi Uwagawa

English Voice Actor(s)

Lisa Ortiz (4Kids)
Kate Oxley (Funimation)
Alison Lestor (Odex)


One Piece Chapter #3


One Piece Episode #2

Rika (リカ, Rika) is a little girl who lives in Shells Town.


Rika Digitally Colored Manga

Rika in the digitally colored manga.

Rika is a little girl with dark brown hair, tied in two pigtails, and black eyes. She wore a striped turquoise and purple shirt with a white hood.

After two years, her hair looks longer than before, and she has gotten taller. She wears a dark colored apron with the Marine symbol and a striped dress with a hood. She wears black shoes and a bandanna tied over her head.


Rika is a gentle little girl, but is angered when her friends are threatened.


East Blue Saga

Romance Dawn Arc

Rika first appeared when she tried to thank Zoro by offering him onigiri while he was imprisoned, but he refused and told her to go away. Helmeppo then came in and took them away from her rudely, saying that if she gave them to Zoro it would be as if she were the accomplice of a criminal, but he then spit them out complaining that the onigiri had sugar in them instead of salt. Helmeppo then ordered the naval marine standing behind him to throw her out and he reluctantly does so, but luckily, Rika was caught by Luffy before anything bad could happen.

The reason Zoro was imprisoned by the Marines was because he defended Rika when she was nearly attacked by Helmeppo's pet wolf. Because Helmeppo saw this as a crime towards himself, he ordered Zoro to stay imprisoned for thirty days. Zoro, not wanting to cause any more trouble, accepted.

Diary of Coby-meppo

Rika later becomes friends with both Helmeppo and Coby during their stay in Shells Town, and becomes upset when the two leave with Vice Admiral Garp.[1][2]

Two Years Later

After the timeskip, she appears to be more mature, and is training at the Marine base in Shells Town to become a waitress. She seems to be much better at cooking, and is popular among the Marines.

Translation and Dub Issues

In Episode 2, Rika is seen bringing food to Zoro which the food in the original anime was Riceballs. However in the 4kids edits, the riceballs were changed to three cookies. Also, when Helmeppo took one and ate it, the third cookie was still in place when she offered them to Zoro.



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