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Special Request: Watch out for the guy you like!
Natsu and Lucy



Tokubetsu Irai。Ki ni Naru Kare ni Chūi Seyo

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Special Mission: Beware of Guys Who Show a Keen Interest




Oración Seis Arc

Air Date

October 18, 2010

Theme Music
Opening Song

Egao No Mahou

Ending Song


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The Day of Fated Meeting

Special Request: Watch out for the guy you like! (特別依頼。気になる彼に注意せよ!, Tokubetsu Irai。Ki ni Naru Kare ni Chūi Seyo) is the 50th episode of Fairy Tail anime. It first aired on October 18, 2010.

Trouble stirs for Fairy Tail after Juvia Lockser releases a faulty potion of "passion" for Gray Fullbuster that accidentally spreads to the other members. Meanwhile, Lucy Heartfilia has boy problems: Natsu Dragneel likes her! ...Or does he?


Strange man

Would you buy anything from this guy?

It is raining in Magnolia. Under the falling rain, Juvia Lockser approaches a mysterious shop where she asks for a way for him to notice her. The shopkeeper gives her a potion, and assures her that for 60,000 jewels, the one she likes will give her passionate gazes.

Natsu's imature nature

It's the Plue dance!!!

Meanwhile, back at the guild, Lucy Heartfilia is complaining that she has nothing to do. Mirajane suggests she go on a job, but Natsu Dragneel wants the day off and Lucy feels she has a responsibility towards him. Mirajane is pleased to hear this and tells Lucy they look like a couple. Lucy turns to see Natsu, who is dancing the Plue dance, along with Happy and Plue. Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet try to make him stop, but he keeps dancing, as Lucy rejects the idea of the couple completely. Juvia then returns to the guild. She is getting ready to give Gray the potion, but she is too shaky to do so.

Cute relation

Yes, she was thinking of him

The following day, Lucy relaxes at a table when Natsu comes and puts a hand over her shoulder. She is bothered by this and leaves, feeling very raw. Gray then comes, and orders him to stop slouching, but the two get into a fight. Juvia, who is behind them, remembers the words of the shopkeeper, who said Gray should ingest just a little of the potion. After some thought, she gets herself together and prepares to do it. Meanwhile, the guys from the guild are speculating that Natsu likes someone. Lucy listens to their conversation, and now, more than ever thinks that the girl Natsu likes is her. She starts thinking of this relationship, but brushes off every idea. Lucy, who has never dated, feels odd when it comes to relationships. Natsu comes and talks to her and wants to meet her that evening at the old Tree. As he asks, he blushes, and then leaves in a hurry. Lucy leaves soon after him.

Gray's passion

A different kind of a passionate gaze

Juvia releases the potion. It doesn’t hit Gray, but Makarov, the Thunder God Tribe, Shadow Gear, Cana Alberona, Elfman, Erza, Mirajane, Wakaba Mine and Macao Conbolt instead. It finally hits Gray, but the reaction isn’t the one she expected; Gray goes to Happy and begins shouting at him, resenting the fact that he can fly and declares him his rival. This doesn’t happen to only him; Macao and Wakaba are fighting over who earns more money, Makarov declares alcohol is his rival,
Erza great rival the philar

The mighty Erza declares the Pillar as her rival

Erza declares a pillar somewhere in the guild her rival, while Mirajane declares Erza is hers. Gray then wants him and Happy to have a flying contest. It turns out the shopkeeper swindled the money out of Juvia as he doesn't actually know the effect of the potion he sold her because he just mixed random forbidden ingredients in it and after selling the potion, he fled the town.
Natsu and Lucy 02

Lucy's 'Love Story'

Lucy is taking a bath. She thinks of the “date” she has that night, but, even though she loves Natsu as a comrade, she decides to turn him down. Then, she gets into a Lucy monologue, where she decides on and then criticizes every outfit choice she makes. She imagines a scene in which she and Natsu have babies, and the babies look like Happy. Back in reality, she scolds herself for thinking that.

Gray fly

Gray trying to fly

Lucy is ready. After some fantasizing (in which she and Natsu will be together forever), the focus returns to the guild. Much havoc is caused by the raging Mirajane who Take Over Satan Soul and Erza who kept attacking the pillar. Outside, Happy is still dealing with Gray. Juvia gives him more potion, and he, acting like Natsu, runs off the tower, and when he jumps off the cliff, says “Fly, me…”

Lucy meets with Natsu. She feels embarrassed up until the point when Natsu reveals everything was because he needed to dig a hole to find an album of embarrassing photos of all the guild members, and the girl he was referring to was in fact Virgo because he needs her to dig up the album. Lucy is shocked by this revelation, and slaps him, as she calls herself a total idiot.

Episode 50 - Juvia makes Gray drink the potion

Juvia makes Gray drink the potion

The next day, everything is back to normal. Gray is sleeping in the water, when Juvia materializes and apologizes to him. She cries and Gray wakes up, but in the heat of the moment, she makes him drink the whole potion. Gray has his strength back, and declares this time, the horizon is his rival.

Some time after, Lucy is approached by Mirajane, who thinks that Gray is the one who loves her and Lucy asks her to leave her alone. Juvia is consulting another potion master, who tells her a potion that creates feelings is impossible to mix, and Gray finds himself on Galuna Island. The chief, as always, thinks this is the Curse of the Moon!

Characters In Order of Appearance


  • None

Magic, Spells, and Abilities used

Magic used

  • Aera (翼, Ēra)
  • Celestial Spirit Magic (星霊 魔法, Seirei Mahō)
    • Summoned the Giant Crab, Cancer
  • Requip (換装, Kansō)
    • The Knight (騎士 (ザ・ナイト), Za Naito)
  • Take Over (接収 (テイクオーバー), Teiku Ōbā)
    • Satan Soul (サタンソウル Satan Sōru)
    • Beast Soul (ビーストソウル Bīsuto Sōru)

Spells used

  • Wildcat Punch

Abilities used

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Swordsmanship

Armors used

  • Heart Kreuz Armor (ハートクロス 鎧, Hāto Kurosu no Yoroi)
  • Heaven's Wheel Armor (天輪の鎧, Tenrin no Yoroi)
  • Purgatory Armor (煉獄の鎧, Rengoku no Yoroi)

Weapons used

  • Various swords

Items used

Manga & Anime Differences

  • As the anime incorporated the story along with some fillers, quite a few characters that showed up in the anime didn't show up in the manga.
  • All of the scenes with Juvia and the "passionate potion" as well as the side-effects it had on many of the Fairy Tail members were added in the anime.
  • The ninja imitation that Happy and Natsu were doing in the manga is replaced in the anime by an awkward dance, with Plue also participating.
  • Max and Warren Rocko were the ones that discussed Natsu wanting to see a certain girl in the anime. In the manga it was Krov and Niggy.
  • The anime had even more clips of Lucy's wild imaginations than the manga.


  • When Gray is about to jump off to prove he can fly, Juvia gives him more potion. He emits a strange aura, turns around, crosses his hands, and performs a strange crane-like pose. Strangely, his bracelet, which was on his right hand, switches to his left hand, and changes back to his right hand after he crosses his hands.


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