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The Land Where a Hero Once Lived
Kaiza And Inari



Eiyū no Ita Kuni

Episode Chronology
Adopted From

Naruto Chapter #19
Naruto Chapter #20




Land of Waves Arc

Air Date

December 12, 2002


November 12, 2005

Theme Music
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Ending Song


Episode Guide
The Forest of Chakra
Battle on the Bridge! Zabuza Returns!

The Land Where a Hero Once Lived (英雄のいた国, Eiyū no Ita Kuni) is episode 11 of the original Naruto anime.


While Naruto and Sasuke try to outdo each other in their Tree Climbing Practice, a worker of Tazuna's named Giichi quits, and tries to convince Tazuna to give up building the bridge. Later on their way home from a food market, Sakura is astonished by the poverty in the Land of Waves, and Tazuna points out that their country would be much better off if the bridge were completed and Gatō removed from power. Following dinner, Sakura asks why Inari often stares at the torn family photo on the wall. Angered suddenly, Inari leaves the table, making Tsunami chase after him. Tazuna then explains that the man torn from the picture, named Kaiza, was once a hero in the Land of Waves and a father-figure to Inari. When Gatō arrived, he had Kaiza killed in an attempt to destroy the hope of the land, a strategy that sadly succeeded and traumatised Inari. Moved by the story, Naruto decides to show Inari that there are still heroes in the world.

Character First Debuts

  1. Ageha
  2. Akane
  3. Giichi
  4. Kaiza
  5. Pochi
  6. Teguse

Jutsu used

Tools used


  • This is the first episode to be rated TV-14-V on television broadcast. On Cartoon Network, it was edited as TV-PG-V, but on Adult Swim the episode aired in uncut format.

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