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Vivio Takamachi
Vivio Takamachi Vivid

高町 ヴィヴィオ


Takamachi Vivio

Other Name(s)
  • "The Saint King"
  • "Her Majesty" (by Otto and Deed)
Personal Info

Female Female


Human (Artificial Mage)


Born on: 0069[1]

Unique Trait

Complete heterochromia, with her right eye being green while her left one being red.

Current Status

Alive (Active)




St. Hilde Academy of Magic

Professional Status
Magic System
Magic Color



Sacred Heart (ViVid)

Voice Actor(s)
Japanese Voice Actor(s)

Kaori Mizuhashi


Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Episode #10


StrikerS THE COMICS Chapter #10

Sound Stage

StrikerS Sound Stage X


The Gears of Destiny

Vivio (ヴィヴィオ, Vivio) is a mysterious young girl sought after by Dr. Jail Scaglietti in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS.


Vivio was named after Subaru Vivio. Her name is officially changed to Vivio Takamachi (高町ヴィヴィオ, Takamachi Vivio) after she is adopted by Nanoha Takamachi in the end of StrikerS.


Vivio is a young blond girl who has complete heterochromia, with her right eye being green while her left one being red.

Vivio Adult Form (Vivid)

Vivio's adult form in Vivid

When in her adult form, Vivio wears a black-and-blue barrier jacket that combines elements of several of those worn by Riot Force 6 members, including Nanoha, Signum and Ginga Nakajima, and the Numbers - it is suggested that she possesses all of their abilities. When she obtains her Hybrid-Intelligent Device, Sacred Heart, Vivio's adult form is slightly altered, but only in the color of her barrier jacket, which is changed from black to white.

Vivio is a very lively and optimistic girl who is very close to her "mothers" Nanoha and Fate. She was a bit childish and somewhat of a crybaby in the beginning, but becomes more cheerful in the manga.

In StrikerS

Vivio was artificially created by Jail Scaglietti using the genetic material of a long-dead Saint King of Ancient Belka, Olivie,[3] to serve as his key to The Saint's Cradle. However, she managed to escape with a Relic and was discovered by Caro Ru Lushe and Erio Mondial in StrikerS. Nanoha have later taken her in as their own daughter, Fate Testarossa offered to be a Godmother and could be considered as a Mama too, therefore Vivio refers to both of them as "mama", much to everyone's dismay. Nanoha tends to be strict with her, while Fate tends to spoil her, giving both "mamas" a little role reversal personality-wise.

During the JS Incident, the Riot Force 6 HQ was attacked and the Numbers recaptured Vivio. Scaglietti proceeded to gain control over the Cradle using Vivio, then pitted her against Nanoha by infusing her with a Relic. As a side effect, Vivio was shapeshifted to her adult form, gaining the appearance of someone of Nanoha's own age. By subjecting her to what was probably her single most powerful attack in the entire series, Nanoha managed to free Vivio from Scaglietti's control and revert her back to her child form.

In Sound Stage X

Vivio has a minor role on disc 2 of StrikerS Sound Stage X, where she assists Teana Lanster's investigation by researching the Mariage at the Infinity Library. After talking and sending mail to Ixpellia, the two become friends.

In ViVid


Vivio and Nanoha in Vivid

In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid manga, Vivio is shown living normally with Nanoha and Fate and attending the Mid-Childan St. Hilde Academy of Magic with her friends, Corona Timil and Lio Wesley. In the first chapter, Nanoha presents Vivio with a new Device whom she names Sacred Heart, much to Nanoha's surprise. Vivio has also learned to enter the Adult Mode at will (which greatly unnerves Fate when she first sees it), but has promised Nanoha to only use it for magical training.[4]

In chapter three, Vivio is revealed to be a practitioner of the Strike Arts and spars with Nove Nakajima to a draw.

Vivio is seen again at the end of chapter five, when Nove asks her to research the history of Shutra and to practice martial arts with Einhart Stratos. In chapter five, Einhart immediately acknowledges her as a Saint King and a worthy opponent to herself but breaks off the fight, when she believes Vivio is not taking it seriously enough. Blaming herself for disappointing Einhart, Vivio proposes a rematch in a week and throws herself into intensive training, resolved to support Einhart in whatever she is trying to achieve. During the rematch, she nonchalantly admits that she will probably lose again but nevertheless fights at full strength, summoning images of Nanoha and Fate as inspiration. Although Einhart eventually knocks her out, the fight changes her opinion about Vivio. Vivio is last seen still unconscious, being carried to a place to rest by Einhart.

In chapter 8, which takes place some time after their rematch, Vivio is eager to get to know Einhart, both interested in her and because of their shared Ancient Belkan royal heritage. However, because of their age difference, there is still distance between them. When Nanoha and Fate organize a trip to Carnaaji, Vivio is the last to learn that Nove secretly invited Einhart with them and her delighted surprise embarrasses Einhart a lot. On the trip, she and her friends teach Einhart the "water cutting", for which she shows much aptitude, so they exhaust each other in a friendly competition. After lunch, Vivio explains to Einhart how she was trained first by Subaru, then by Nove, prompting Einhart to admit she is a little jealous. Vivio then comforts her that she is not alone anymore.

In chapter 10, Vivio asks Einhart about her memories from the Ancient Belkan era, particularly interested in Saint King Olivie. However, the memories are rather sad and Einhart breaks off, believing she upset Vivio. Soon thereafter, Nove finds them and calls to watch over a mock battle between the former Riot Force 6 aces, while Vivio explains their background to Einhart. She then telepathically asks Einhart if she wants to train, too, and the two of them run off into the forest to practice glove hitting, which Einhart finds useful, much to Vivio's joy.

In the upcoming team battle on the second training day, Vivio will take a Front Attacker position of the Blue Team alongside Subaru, opposing Einhart and Nove, respectively.

Later, Vivio decides to participate in the 0079 DSAA Inter-Middle championship.

In Force

Vivio makes only minor appearances in Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force. She first appears in the prologue chapter, seeing Nanoha off. In chapter 17, she is mentioned, together with Einhalt Stratos, by Thoma Avenir.

In chapter 20, Vivio makes her first formal appearance, in middle school uniform, when she visits the Special Duty Section 6 headquarters. When watching the mock battle, Shamal jokingly asks if Vivio would like to join it, and the idea is banned by Nanoha although she and Chris would like to.


Genetically, Vivio is the last in the line of Sankt Kaisers of Ancient Belka, meaning that her physical and magical condition is superior to most modern mages. In StrikerS, she was able to go toe-to-toe with Nanoha herself after her body was forcibly aged to its peak condition and powered with a Relic. In ViVid, she has learned to replicate the effects of adult transformation, giving her an edge over most opponents of her age.


Spell System Category Type Rank
Accel Smash Modern Belka
Attack Magic-enhanced attack
Contact Mode Modern Belka Support
Divine Buster Mid-Childa
Modern Belka
Attack Bombardment AAA+
Impact Cannon Mid-Childa Attack Shooting
Jet Step Modern Belka Support Transport
Plasma Arm Mid-Childa Attack Magic-enhanced attack
Plasma Smasher Mid-Childa Attack Bombardment AAA
Restrict Lock Mid-Childa Capture Bind
Revolver Spike Special (IS)
Modern Belka
Attack Melee
Magic-enhanced attack
Sacred Cluster Mid-Childa Attack Shooting
Sacred Defender Modern Belka Defense Barrier
Saint's Armor Special Defense Field
Sonic Shooter Modern Belka Attack Shooting
Transformation Mastery Modern Belka Support

In the games

Spells in The Gears of Destiny

Cross Range Long Range Long Range (Charged)
Attack/Basic[unnamed]Sonic Shooter
Block/HighRevolver Spike
(JIT:) [unnamed shooting]
Accel Smash
Catch/BindDivine BusterRestrict LockFloater Lock
△△EX Attack[unnamed back
roundhouse kick]
LFDBSacred Blazer---
RGuardRound Shield---


Vivio Takamachi
Vivio Takamachi Character File (Vivid)
Vivio Takamachi (StrikerS)
Vivio's design in StrikerS.
Vivio Takamachi StrikerS Info
Saint Kaiser Vivio Takamachi StrikerS Info
Vivio Takamachi StrikerS Design (1)
Vivio Takamachi StrikerS Design (2)
Vivio Takamachi 2nd Game Preview Card (1)
Vivio Takamachi 2nd Game Preview Card (2)
Vivio Takamachi 2nd Game Preview Card (3)



  1. StrikerS Sound Stage X Guide Book booklet (page 7) lists her age as 9 at the time of Mariage Incident (0078).
  2. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid chapter 17. In chapter 1, when Vivio sets up for the first time Sacred Heart for Master registration, she also refers to her magic system as "Belka the main, Mid-mixed hybrid." (ベルカ主体のミッド混合ハイブリッド) The Belka here is deemed Modern Belka until further confirmation from canon sources.
  3. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Chapter 4.
  4. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Chapter 2.

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